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    If you enjoyed the being a member of No Excuses Body Makeover and would like to give a testimonial, I would be happy to receive it. If you have a blog or another website of yours, please supply the URL so that it can be used to "authenticate" you to anyone who might read your testimonial. Also, if you have an online photograph - a mugshot - a URL for that would be appreciated. Not all testimonials can be used, but a website URL and mugshot go a long way to improving the odds that your review can be used. Thanks!

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    If you should need to contact us in writing you can mail your queries to the following address:

    Sustainable Fitness Solutions
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    There are several ways to contact Carolyn Hansen by phone. In each case you will need to ask for her by name as someone else is likely to answer:

    Gym: 011-64-09-4388-863
    Home: 011-64-09-4388-263
    Mobile: 011-64-021-02333-771
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