Are You In Need Of A Metabolism Makeover?


If you have become overweight it is easy to fall back on excuses than to make the necessary lifestyle changes that would enable you to lose that excess fat weight. Sometimes people convince themselves they are perfectly happy with their body size, but you can bet if someone offered them the chance to wave a magic wand and make them slim again you can pretty sure then would take it.

After all being overweight not only spoils one’s looks it makes you feel less than good about yourself and places you at much higher risk of disease somewhere down the track.

One of those excuses people struggling with their weight often use is that they have a slow metabolism and they are probably correct. The health and condition of your metabolism (the body’s engine) can determine how fat, fit and slim you are.

Our modern day world is encouraging this situation with our ‘easy’ and ‘convenient’ lifestyles that have us virtually getting through the day without us having to move as much as ‘a muscle’. Only two out of ten people are getting enough muscle building and maintaining activity with the implementation of an intentional strength training exercise program.

Without enough muscular exertion our fat burning tissue is reduced and becomes weak and flabby. In this state it has low energy requirements. So unless you want to eat the amount of food that would fit through the eye of a needle you are very likely to join the two thirds of us that are overweight to some degree or another.

So, the problem is not eating too much food – it is allowing the metabolism to become sluggish at burning fuel (calories). Dieting is the very worse thing you can do in this situation so is adding lots of long duration, low intensity activity. Both of these things work against the metabolism and slow it further.

The solution is a metabolism makeover and this is about resetting your metabolic motor to where it should be – making it fat resistant. So, it is NOT just about weight loss, it is about making sure you are going to not only lose the weight but keep it OFF.

The first part of the makeover is the introduction of a proper strength training program. Just 2-3 sessions each week are needed and you will need to put some effort into them. Rebuilding and re-toning muscle tissue does take some effort but without doing it you will not only remain overweight you will continue to gain weight.

So, learn to love your sessions and as time goes on you will get better and better at generating the intensity needed to change your metabolic motor at base level. Support your exercise program with a healthy eating plan. This means at least 80 percent of the time natural whole foods cooked from scratch are eaten. These meals need to have a good balance of macro-nutrients (protein, carbohydrates and good fats).

Processed foods full of chemicals will never fuel you properly so forget about weight loss if you continue to eat these non foods. It is the combination of metabolism building exercise fueled by metabolism stimulating ‘real’ foods that will recharge your motor and blast off and keep off the fat. Soon you will have that body that you dream of.

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