Best Exercise To Lose Weight


Many people wonder what the best exercise to lose weight is and there is so much misinformation about this subject out there that it does make it really hard to find the truth. What makes it especially hard is that for the last 30 odd years we have been told that the best exercise to lose weight is low intensity, long duration activities that keep us in some sort of magical (mythical) fat burning zone.

Recent research about how our body’s fat burning systems and processes work has made all that nonsense outdated. We now know that this type of exercise is inefficient for long term fat loss. The reason for this is that it does little to nothing to increase the metabolism (the body’s engine) and the rate we burn fuel (calories).

 ‘Cardio’ is NOT the best exercise to lose weight

Part of our old fashioned beliefs was that we believed that the best exercise to lose weight was one that burned the most calories per session with no thought being given to what happened after the session was over. The recommended way to lose weight was to do this low intensity exercise and combine it with a restrictive food diet. So, now we have two things for losing weight (cardio activity and dieting). And, guess what both of them work AGAINST the metabolism, not boosting it in any way and more often than not slowing it down even further so more fat would be stored. Any wonder that 95 percent of these types of weight loss programs failed.

The best exercise to lose weight must boost metabolism

 Proper strength training exercise is without a doubt – hands down the best exercise to lose weight as it is the ONLY way to increase metabolism for the long haul. Just by adding a couple of pounds of muscle weight you can boost your metabolic motor by up to 15 percent which can mean an extra couple of hundred calories a day being incinerated. What we are trying to achieve is to burn more calories than we take in each day, rather than the old fashioned way of trying to eat less than we burn each day.

So, the best exercise to lose weight is the activity that achieves this and strength training exercise done correctly fits the bill perfectly. When your muscles are strong and toned you will be burning ever so slightly more calories every single minute of the day and night. Whether you are being active or on the couch watching your favourite television program. This is the most successful weight loss method on the planet.

The best exercise to lose weight also needs to ensure that you do not gain any weight lost back again. This is where dieting and ‘cardio’ type of activity fail so miserably. You are almost certain to gain any weight lost back again and you will also be likely to gain some extra as well. It is not uncommon to end up heavier after this type of weight loss program than what you were before you started. Your metabolic rate must be increased to hold on to the new lower body fat levels. This is why 2-3 strength training sessions each week is the best exercise to lose weight.

 Your program should consist of basic exercises like squats, deadlifts, chin ups, bench press, overhead press and so on (yes, even for women) no little pink dumbbells here if you want good results and that strong, lean, slim, shapely body. You can lose weight and completely reshape your body in just a few months and this is why strength training exercise is the best exercise to lose weight and nothing else can ever come close. So, head on down to your local gym or fitness centre so you can get yourself stared and experience the results for yourself.

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