Do You Know The Best Way To Lose Weight?


You hear a lot these days about metabolism especially when losing weight is mentioned and many people wonder what exactly this means. Our metabolism is essentially the engine of our body taking the food we eat, turning it into energy so we can move around. A healthy metabolism helps us burn up the food we take in each day and when it is running efficiently we don’t become overweight.

As two thirds of us are overweight to some degree or another clearly something is wrong with the running of most people’s metabolic motors. The things that slow it down are eating the wrong types of foods and too much of them and not doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity.

These things are so common in our modern technology driven world as it is an inactive and sedentary world as well. Most of us sit in one chair or another for up to 80 percent of our waking hours and this leads to a loss of highly active muscle tissue that is the backbone of a healthy metabolism.

Muscles that are not used as they were meant to be used and kept strong have low energy requirements and it is that unburned fuel that is causing so many of us to become overweight. You could diet forever – restricting the food you eat so you remain slim but you would need to reduce your food intake so it would fit through the eye of a needle which is not an enjoyable way to live life.

Or you could take steps and rebuild your metabolism so it becomes healthy again and starts working efficiently to burn off that unwanted excess fat weight and more importantly keep it OFF.

There is only one way to do this – a proper program of strength training exercise performed 2-3 times each week. You will need to exert yourself a little when you do your sessions and put in the necessary intensity (degree of effort) so you will get the results you want. Your body will need to be challenged if you are to make the changes that need to be made right down in the engine room.

In just a few weeks you will notice a difference in how you look and in just a few months the changes will be visible. A more firm and shapely body will start to emerge with less fat and less soft flabby bits. In twelve months or longer you will have reclaimed your strong, slim and trim body and will be simply having to maintain it.

Boosting the metabolism with the right type of exercise is such a proven effective fat loss method there is nothing else that compares.

Support your exercise program with a healthy eating plan and you will get your metabolism working hard for you behind the scenes burning off that excess body fat. As a bonus you will get a much healthier body as well- one that is more disease resistant as well as having you looking and feeling your best.

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