How To Get The Best Fat Loss Results


Many diet plans are designed for short term use and lead to temporary fat loss. Because they don’t want you to get discouraged with losing fat slowly in the beginning they start you on the strictest version of the diet first.  They also want you to believe that their program is effective (at least at the start) and you have not wasted your money on purchasing it.

We hear those magic words, “lose 20 pounds in 10 days”, “fast fat loss’ or “fat loss for dummies” and we are mesmerized with the thought of ditching the unwanted excess body fat in a hurry.

But such a diet is an advanced fat loss strategy and is something a physique competitor may use temporarily to prepare for a contest to get that last little bit of body fat off so they look their best onstage. But they are already lean and may have been preparing for anything up to 12 months before they get onstage and have just the last little bit of fat loss to achieve.

When an overweight person launches into these types of diet plans 95 percent of them do not work because the average person cannot maintain this extreme way of eating for long. If calorie intake is too low the body soon catches on and goes into ‘starvation mode’ slowing the metabolism and putting the brakes on fat loss.

 Mastering fat loss fundamentals first

 The people that we admire with strong, lean, slim, healthy bodies do not diet at all. They have simply mastered a few exercise and eating fundamentals and abide by a few simple rules that keep them in shape for the long haul. Once you achieve this you will be able to steer clear of marketing promises and gimmicks of short term fat loss as you will have a solution based on realistic, sound and healthy principles.

So, before you can have sustainable fat loss you need to focus entirely on what you should be doing in the way of metabolism boosting exercise (strength training) and metabolism stimulating foods (natural whole, not processed).

The first thing you need to achieve to get fat loss happening is to get your body burning more fuel (calories) than you are storing. Although it sounds pretty simple it is not that easy to accomplish so you have to do things right if you want fat loss to happen.

Putting the brakes on ongoing fat gain can be achieved by increasing your metabolism so you are burning more every single minute of the day and night. Fat loss is not about eating less until you can fit what you are eating through the eye of a needle it is about rebooting your metabolic motor so it becomes more efficient at fat loss.

If you have not been doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity your metabolism has likely slowed down and will be burning less calories and this is the number one reason why you have become over-fat and overweight.

So, for the fastest fat loss you need to get started on your proper strength training program as there is no other way to increase your metabolism for the long haul. Your muscle tissue is the driver of your metabolism and if it has been allowed to become flabby and weak you need to fix up the problem at the root.

Your exercise program needs to directly work your muscles under a load. Forget long duration low intensity activities as they will not do this. Proper exercise is what you need to do if fat loss is your goal. The only way to increase fat burning is to increase the condition of your muscles.  But just 2-3 sessions each week will do the job if you put some effort into each session.

The next fat loss tool is to set aside some time each day and plan and prepare your food. Get yourself back into the kitchen and cook from scratch. This eliminates the nasty chemicals in processed food that make and keep you fat. Small meals every 3 hours or so each with a portion of protein is the best fat loss meal.

 Get with a proper fat loss program

Of course very few people could do these two fat loss strategies straight off. It does take a little time to slowly replace the not so good habits and replace them with better exercise and eating habits that lead to fat loss for the long term.

But each workout and eat healthy meal is one step closer to your goal and before you know it the slim firm body you know is under there somewhere starts to show itself and that is what will keep you going

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