If You Are Overweight You Are In Need Of A Metabolic Makeover


Many overweight people think they just need to focus on eating less food so they can lose weight. But nothing could be further from the truth and what they really need to do. For starters they need to rebuild their metabolism and if that has been damaged by eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and too little exercise there is some healing to do first.

To lose fat and get in shape the body you have to be good health. If health has deteriorated it is likely to be the reason a person becomes overweight in the first place – their body is not burning fat properly because of a slowed metabolism.

Just as there are factors that work against the metabolism there are factors that work for and boost the metabolism. Increasing your overall muscle tone and eating better not less all have the ability to boost your metabolism. When boosted your body burns fat more efficiently and burns more of it.

We all have seen the strong firm bodes of athletes. They have a different metabolism than the rest of us. One that responds to food and exercise very differently and has a lot of momentum towards staying strong and lean and totally resists getting weak and fat.

So for you to lose weight you need to consider that is only one half of the equation. If you have not taken steps to repair and rebuild your metabolism it will still want to store and hold on to its fat stores. And if you deal with this situation with the wrong diet and exercise routine you will actually slow it down even more. This is why 95 percent of all diets fail – they work against the metabolism.

If you drop your calories too much and do long duration low intensity activity you will be doing what it takes to likely fail with your weight loss attempts. To be successful first you need to implement metabolism friendly exercise and there is only one kind for this – proper strength training exercise performed 2-3 times each week.

Not only do you need to do this to rebuild your metabolic motor you need to put some effort into it. It is going to take a bit of effort to make the necessary changes to your metabolism and it won’t happen if things are not right. If you need the right instruction to get started on your program get it – as it will be the best thing you can do. The sooner you get your muscle tissue back up and burning more fuel (calories) the sooner it will be working for you round the clock burning extra fat.

Support your efforts with your strength training program with eating better higher quality food so you have plenty of energy. This means getting rid of as much processed food as possible as this is likely what has also thrown your metabolism ‘out of whack’. You need to get into the kitchen and start cooking some quality food. You need to plan ahead and have food ready for when you need it. The old eating ‘whatever, whenever’ is not a recipe for losing that excess fat weight.

If you implement these two strategies you will have in place the tools you need to finally drop that weight and return you your slim trim body. This is what a metabolism makeover is all about – grabbing back the body that represents who you know you are. It is about resetting your metabolic motor and making your body fat resistant and the sooner you get started the sooner it will happen.

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