Is Your Metabolism Healthy Enough To Keep You Slim?


Most of us are aware of the connection between a healthy metabolism (the body’s engine) and the ability to lose or gain excess fat weight. Some people have been blessed by the fast-metabolism gods, but for most of us we can only wish that we could burn more fuel (calories) than we burn eat day both while we are being active and when we are sleeping.

It is after all this metabolic engine that determines how slim or how fat we are. Even the most valiant efforts at losing weight can be hindered by a slowed and less than healthy metabolism. We used to think that getting older was a big factor in this happening to us but we now know that what we eat and how we exercise have a far greater impact on our ‘metabolic fitness’ than the passing years do.

Often cloaked in mystery your metabolism is really a complex interaction of how well our hormones process and use the food we eat for energy. A well conditioned and healthy metabolism can boost your fat burning efforts in significant ways and that is the basis of the latest fat loss programs.

The best way to lose excess fat weight is to increase the rate your body burns fuel. This can only be achieved when hormones are in balance and your body is burning more calories than you are taking in and you are not storing them as excess body fat.

It is not just about losing weight it is about the rebuilding process of your metabolism so that not only can weight be lost in a safe manner but be kept off for the long haul. Anyone can lose weight – that is not difficult but keeping it off and preventing it from coming back is another story. A story that involves making changes right down at base level to the biggest driver of the metabolism – the muscular system.

This system makes up to 50 percent of a person’s body weight so keeping it strong and toned is paramount to keep it working efficiently and burning fuel. Our modern day world does little to promote this with our high levels of inactivity and sedentary lifestyles that are on a parallel with the fact that two thirds of us are now overweight and over fat.

When it comes to losing weight, what you eat and how many calories you eat are important, but it is your hormones (chemical messengers) that determine when, where and how those calories are used. Restrictive food dieting is not the solution nor is low intensity, long duration exercise. Both of these things work against the metabolism as when food is reduced too far it shunts the body into ‘fat conservation’ mode – the very opposite to what you want.

Things have changed from the old ways of weight loss and ‘fat burning’. We know now that the entire fat loss solution is in the muscle cells as this is where the food we eat gets burned for energy. A sluggish metabolism caused by weak flabby muscles that have low energy requirements is the main reason for the rampant weight gain we now see all around us.

There is such as easy fix for this. Get yourself started on a proper strength training exercise program and put some effort into it 2-3 times each week. Conditioning and re-toning your muscles means they will work hard for you reducing body fat levels if you have become overweight and then keeping you lean and slim for the long haul.

Reclaiming your slim body means your appearance is not being spoiled, your health is not being risked and you will feel so much better within yourself. Your strength training program backed up by a healthy eating plan is the solution for the fastest and longest lasting fat loss results possible. Get started and see for yourself.

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