No More Dieting – Please


We have all seen them – the promises of the get thin quick schemes – ‘lose ten pounds in 7 days’ or ‘get thin thighs in 3 minutes a day’. They taunt us with images of overweight bodies next to super slim ones and we think to ourselves ‘maybe this time’. We think that the solution is in the latest diet on offer.

But the truth of the matter is – the people who have slim bodies that we admire so much are not dieting at all. They have simply mastered a few basic rules with their eating and exercise regimes – a few fundamentals that keep them in that trim shape for the long term.

And that is where the secret lies – there is no short term solution for losing excess fat weight. The solution has to be long term for it to work as gaining weight is a long term problem and the longer it is allowed to continue the harder it is to fix it.

The more you yo-yo and go ‘on and off’ diet and exercise regimes the more you teach your body to hang on to its fat stores. You really do need to get on a path that will lead you to that magical slim body no matter how long it takes. At least it will be on the way which is something that is not possible with short term solutions.

The first trick to master is to be burning more calories that you are taking in each day. At the moment you are likely to be burning less than you are taking in each day. This means you will not be gaining any further excess fat which is a really good place to start.

Losing body fat is not about starving it off it is about boosting the metabolism (the body’s engine) so it burns it off. By trying to starve it off you send the body into ‘survival mode’ which means a shutting down of fat burning as it perceives an approaching famine.

So, to get your eating sorted, you first need to set aside some time to plan, prepare and cook your meals using natural ‘whole’ foods. Yes you will need to get back into the kitchen as you will need to reduce or eliminate processed foods that have nasty chemicals and additives that have likely had a big part in causing you to become and stay fat.

Small meals every 2-3 hours totaling 5-7 are the best way to boost the metabolism. Each meal should contain a protein source (at least 20 grams) and be around 300-400 calories.
These small meals are like putting wood on a fire, they will kick your fat burning metabolic engine into high gear. Dieting and restricting food intake has the opposite effect, slowing your motor to a crawl and in fact telling your body to hang on to its fat.

The next thing we need to get right is your exercise program. A proper strength training program is what is needed to work your muscles. This is vital as the food you eat gets turned into glucose which is burnt in the muscle cells. Weak flabby muscles are likely to be the underlying cause of your weight gain as their energy requirements are low. Just 2-3 sessions each week of your strength training program are needed to get your muscles toned up and burning fuel properly again.

By now you can see that it is not that hard to get and keep these two basic fundamentals in place. A couple of good exercise sessions each week to start with supported by eating as much healthy food as possible. Simply ditching the processed food will help you so much as food cravings will be reduced and you will have more energy to be active.

As time goes along you become better and better at implementing these basics. It is the long term solution you need and one that you can happily live with for the rest of your life as you slowly but surely remold your body (and mind) into the one you desire.


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