Work to Fight Low Metabolism


Have you noticed that even though you eat the same – for the most part – as you did years ago yet continue to gain weight (even if it is just a small amount)? Are you participating in the same amount of physical activity as you did when you were young but find it more exhausting? Or noticing that it is not helping your burn off that cookie you ate at lunch? As we age we grow into a low metabolism, which means that you will gain weight.

Age and low metabolism

Having a low metabolism is not the worst thing that can happen to you, but it is not the best either. A low metabolism can, actually, be quite dangerous to your health. See, when your metabolism begins to slow that means your body cannot burn fat as it used to. There is no choice, for your body, other than to begin to store this fat. The problem with this, besides the obvious, is that this fat is typically stored around your internal organs; hence belly fat.


This belly fat is not only unattractive, but quite dangerous.  This type of fat is poisonous to your body and gives off the wrong signals, chemicals and hormones; it is this type of fat that leads to life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and even cancer. As you can see, a low metabolism can be quite dangerous and even life threatening; it is no longer simply about losing your sexy physique.

Muscle, low metabolism and age

One of the greatest combatants of low metabolism is muscle; the more muscle you have the healthier your metabolic engine will be. Muscle not only gives you the physical strength you need to get through the day, but it also provides your body with positive hormones that help to fight off the negative toxins and chemicals residing within. Muscle also, naturally, burns fat. Therefore, the more muscle you have the less fat you have helping you to avoid a low metabolism.


There is one, and only one, way to build and maintain the muscle that you need to avoid this low metabolism and that is via proper strength training exercises. For years we have been taught that cardiovascular exercise like jogging, running, walking, swimming, etc. are what we need to burn fat, but this is not true. These exercises may help to keep external fat at bay, but they also burn through much of the muscle you have; in turn, counteracting the ultimate goal of more muscle to fight low metabolism.


So, back to strength training; a good routine will be worked 2-3 times a week for approximately 30 minutes per session. If you want to fight off a low metabolism, and the negative effects that come with it, you will work every single muscle group you have. Many people think you can work your large muscle groups – like your thighs – and be good to go, but this is not true. All of your muscles need to be worked, challenged, and pushed in order to thrive.


This is what you want in order to fight off that low metabolism that comes with age; to push, challenge, and work these muscles until you feel it. The old statement of “no pain, no gain” is quite true. This is not to say that you need to be in tears from your work out, but you should definitely feel it in the muscle groups that you are working. As you age – get older – your metabolism will slow down; unless you take measures to stop the aging side effect of low metabolism.

Fighting off a low metabolism

A low metabolism can easily be fought off with proper diet and good exercise. It is time to stop looking into dieting to lose weight; no more running for hours every week to try to boost your metabolism; it is time to start building and maintaining a healthy lean muscle town to keep from getting a low metabolism. The faster your metabolism the better off you are going to be as you age. Work for that sexy, young you.


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