Could A Slow Metabolism Be Hindering Your Weight Loss Attempts?


Losing weight is very big business. Billions of dollars are spent every year by people hoping to shed pounds and unfortunately most of them fail. The reason most of them fail is the misunderstandings about the best way to lose weight. Most people think that the human body is like a calorie bank account…but it isn’t.

The problem our modern world has is that many of us do not do enough physical activity and this has the effect of giving us a slow metabolism which means we burn less fuel (calories) that we could if we were more active. So we need to address fixing the modern sluggish slow metabolism as it allows us to become over-fat and overweight which is so bad for our health and longevity.

Old ways did little to boost a slow metabolism

Conventional dieting together with long duration, low intensity activity to burn more calories never works for the long term and mostly fails in the short term as well. In fact, following the calories in/calories out theory to lose body fat does little to boost the metabolic rate and in fact can slow metabolism (the body’s engine) and teaches your body how to store fat better.

The modern way of losing fat is to change the focus from one of ‘losing weight’ to ‘burning more body fat’, but if you have a slow metabolism it will make it so much harder. By boosting it you will be burning more fuel (calories) every minute of the day and night and this is what will slowly but surely burn that stored fat up for energy.

Muscle cells are where sugar (glucose) converted from the food you eat is burned so to take a slow metabolism and increase it the first thing we need to do is get those muscles strong and toned up. If not enough muscle building and maintaining activity has not been done for some time you can blame that fact on your suggish metabolism and increasing fat weight gain.

How you can increase your slow metabolism

Nothing can transform your body with its slow metabolism like a proper strength training exercise program can. You don’t even have to change what you are eating to get results but if you add small meals throughout the day made up of unprocessed foods and a portion of quality protein at each one it will get you results so much quicker.

The combination of metabolism boosting exercise and metabolism stimulating foods is the ticket from the agony of watching your body become larger and heavier as the result of a slow metabolism.

When you work your muscles directly under a load it generates heat and heat means fat burning. And the very good news is when you strengthen your muscles they have more active tissue so they generate more heat just being there. This is your ticket off the slow metabolism train and onto the express fat burning train.

Once you achieve this healthier state burning excess body fat happens so much easier and automatically, even when you are sleeping or resting as well as when you are active. But if you have a slow metabolism because of inactivity or poor eating habits burning fat is really difficult to do and dieting or more long slow exercise is not the solution. In fact, both of those things will work against your slow metabolism which is the very last thing you want to do.

If you are serious about losing excess fat weight just those two things – your strength training exercise program and your healthy eating plan will take you from the slow metabolism that has made and is keeping you overweight to that strong lean healthy body that you would love to live in for the rest of your life.


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