Lose Fat With A Metabolism Boost Rather Than a Diet


It is not uncommon to think that because we gained a few pounds, or are overweight, that we simply need to eat less to lose it. This; however, is nowhere close to the truth. The first thing that needs to be done is to find a way to create a metabolism boost. Why, you might ask, is because the reason you are gaining weight is because you metabolic engine has slowed down. Eating the right foods and exercising are the only things that can help you get the metabolism boost that your body desperately needs at this point.

Your body is a well-tuned machine; but in order to function properly it must be given the resources it needs. This not only includes the proper nutrients and muscle, but less fat as well. Now, less fat does not necessarily mean lose weight; it means lose fat. See, when you metabolic engine slows down your body starts storing fat, even if you cannot see it. In order to lose this fat you need that metabolism discussed early.

Eat better for a metabolism boost

Processed, sugary, fast foods have a great effect on your overall metabolism and the amount of fat that is stored on your body. But, don’t fret, there is hope. There are things you can do to create this metabolism boost. Muscle tone has one of the greatest effects on your metabolism. Muscle naturally burns fat; they also require more energy which is created by the calories you eat and produced by your metabolic engine. Therefore, as you can see, this is a positive cycle that can get you on the right back to a metabolism boost.


As mentioned earlier, what you eat also plays a big role in the rate at which your metabolism burns fuel (calories). If sugary processed foods slow down your metabolism, what do you think speeds it up? Have you ever heard of that book called “Everything I need to know I learned in Kindergarten”? Well the same is true here; look back at the basics of the food pyramid to answer this question. If you need/want a metabolism boost you need to start feeding your body foods like fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy, and nuts and whole grains.


Let’s go back to muscle tone and mass; as this has the greatest impact on the metabolism boost that you need. Have you ever seen how “cut” professional sports players are? Do you think this is because they sit around waiting for a solution to fat gain or wonder where they can cut more calories? No. They have these bodies because they bust their humps – physically – working their bodies on a regular basis. The push and challenge their muscles to the point that their lean muscle mass is much greater than their fat mass.


So, even though you may feel like you are burning fat by running 3 miles a day; it is time to put the cardiovascular exercise and mindset to the side. There is only one way to build and maintain a healthy muscle mass – strength training. A proper strength training routine will challenge your muscles to the point that you feel it; it should not be too easy. Here is the bonus, if you do it right, you only need to work out 2-3 times a week for about 30 minutes a session. Do this and you will be well on your way to that needed metabolism boost.

A healthy metabolism boost comes from smart lifestyle choices

For a healthy metabolism boost you need to find a way to fit this and healthy diet into your lifestyle. Changing the way you think, live, and eat will definitely take some time, dedication, and work on your part, but it will pay off. A metabolism boost will not only give you more energy and help you lose fat (and weight), but it will put you in a much healthier state as well. Additionally, this metabolism boost, providing you stick with the new lifestyle changes, is a permanent fixture in your life – it is not temporary like the results of calorie cutting diets. No more excuses as to why you feel lethargic and have gained weight; it is time to do something about it.

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