Stop Thinking That You Need To Exercise – And Start Doing


We all know we need to have a proper exercise program firmly in place in our lives but how much thinking about it do we need to do? When we see a need, we get an idea, a thought, a dream, a goal or something in our life that needs changing and we have an inkling to get involved. Then we think…and we think…and we think…

We think so much we often end up doing nothing – most of the time we talk ourselves right out of our good idea, coming up with a multitude of reasons why we can’t do this and we can’t do that. We think of all the ways that the timing is bad or how others may be inconvenienced.

We switch our focus on to the obstacles, the hurdles, the issues and the ways we may have to alter our ‘set in stone’ routine and then we have even more reasons (excuses) NOT to follow our idea or dream of starting an exercise program than to take a chance.

We may only think about our new idea for a bit, like a day or so. If it is about losing weight or improving our health something may have triggered the thought. Like maybe we could not fit into a favourite piece of clothing or our belly has grown so big it is uncomfortable to bend down and pick up something off the floor.

Many of us get excited about the idea of a change but we don’t take action. We don’t act. We fail to take ourselves seriously and make a promise to ourselves to make the necessary changes such as starting an exercise program or cutting down on the empty junk food we are eating.

The exercise plan just turns to dust

Then one day becomes another and another. Weeks pass, then months and that idea that you need to exercise that you were excited about has faded away into nothingness …again. Does that mean that the idea you had was a bad one to begin with? No. It just means you let it dwindle and die. You failed to take action and who knows how good it might have been.
You could have already lost many pounds of excess fat weight, you might now have tons of new found energy that you can enjoy life with. Or you can now fit back into clothes you haven’t being able to get into in years (maybe even decades). It could have been great, but you will never know because you did nothing to make it happen.

Exercise – just do it

But it is not too late to make a change such as starting a proper exercise program along with a healthy eating plan. You will feel so much better when you take some action steps and leave the ‘thinking about it” behind. If you truly want to lose some weight, shape up and reclaim your strong slim body it is going to take hundreds of steps to achieve it.

In fact, you will never stop the journey. But the action plan is each exercise session at the gym and each healthy meal is one step closer to your goal. And as you take each of those steps your internal motivation and drive increases as you are working on strengthening that as well so it can withstand the knocks that life can throw at you from time-to-time. You want to be able to keep on the right path and not be knocked over by every life glitch.

Soon your action plan will be part of ‘who you are’ not just ‘something you do’ and when you reach this stage with your exercise program and healthy eating plan you will be truly at the stage of your dreams and there will be no more wasted time thinking about it as you will be busy doing.

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