Weight Loss Motivation – How To Get And Keep It


We all know that diets work. Every available program, book, fitness plan or eating plan will work to help you lose weight. Acquiring the motivation to follow through and do what you are supposed to do is arguably the hardest part. The information will always be there, but the weight loss motivation….now that is the elusive piece of the puzzle. This is the thing that everybody wants to get their hands on. So, how on earth do you get the motivation to get started then stay on track for the long haul?

Get To The Core Of Weight Loss Motivation

The most basic fundamental of understanding motivation is that is can be defined as “being aroused to action toward a desired goal”. So the first thing to establish is the desired goal. Why do you really want to lose weight”?

Building on your “Why”, is vital for weight loss motivation and is about finding the deeper purpose behind you wanting (needing) to lose weight. Simply the fact that you want to lose 20 pounds (or whatever) is not enough. Coming up with a number of pounds to lose is not going to cut it.

After all you have known that for years, and you telling yourself “I need to lose 20 pounds” over and over again has not got the job done. You need a far deeper and meaningful set of “whys” if you are going to be successful with weight loss motivation.

How will your life be better if you lose that unsightly weight?
There may be multiple “feel good” reasons such as:
To fit into your favourite old clothes again
To feel sexier in your clothes and without them
To look good at an upcoming special occasion
To gain more confidence to start dating again

To drum up plenty of weight loss motivation you may have to get tough with yourself. Think about the “pain” of being overweight and what that is doing to your life. Create a compelling negative picture for yourself. Your goal could include such things as:
If you don’t lose the weight, what are you going to miss out on, what opportunities will you lose out on?

If your body weight situation continues to get worse and worse (and it will), how miserable and unhappy will you be?” What opportunities will you lose out on? How worried about your health are you, how will it deteriorate if you don’t lose weight? Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired yet?
As harsh as these things sound when you list them all down on paper it may well be the trigger that gets you that sort after weight loss motivation.

Weight loss motivation begins with a clear goal

Continue to build up a compelling picture of how your life is going to be better if you lose the weight or worse if you do not. Cultivating this picture on paper and in your mind is also building your weight loss motivation platform giving you a clear sense of purpose and will help you keep your focus on what needs to be done to fix the problem.

Write this all down on an index card and keep it close to you, by your bed, in your handbag or laptop bag and read it every single day, again and again to build your weight loss motivation. This is the very core of what you need to do to propel you into action where the results lay waiting for you.

Of course this is not the only step on the journey back to slim trim you, but it is an important one that you have to master early on. Getting the right support in place is also extremely important so you can keep your weight loss motivation strong and unstoppable.

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