What’s Wrong With The Food We Are Eating?


Some of us have trouble with our eating and keep on wanting food when we know we have eaten enough already. That feeling that we are missing something and we keep feeling hungry often when we have just eaten. How can this be we may wonder?

To get to the bottom of first we need to take a look at the human body which has a range of balance mechanisms in place such as body temperature, hormonal, chemical and appetite regulation among many others which are constantly adjusted to keep our body within predetermined safe levels.

Our hormones should tell us how much food we need

For example when our energy levels are low our hunger hormones kick in and signal the body to eat more food so the blood sugar levels are topped up to supply more energy to the working muscles that move us around. When you have eaten enough your appetite regulation hormones tell us that we have had enough. Your body is back in balance.

In other words, eating food should blunt your appetite so you do not want any more food. If you should gain excess fat weight the body would kick in its hunger regulation hormones, adjust physical activity levels and energy output so that you go back to your body’s set-point weight.

The wrong types of food and too much of them

But in today’s world we have a problem – we eat too much food and we get fat. And not only do we get fat we continue to gain body fat until we become obese. This is a major global health crisis and two thirds of us fall into the overweight and beyond category. How can this be possible, why is our body’s natural balance mechanism not working with our weight like every other system in our body?

The answer to that question is right in front of us even though we fail to notice it most of the time. It is right there in the food we eat. Our modern day diet is so far away from the natural unprocessed unrefined whole foods that we should be eating.

 Now our everyday food items are refined, processed and stripped of their goodness. Man-made fats, sugars and starches, hormone laden meats, and pesticide contaminated vegetables and the one thing these edible food like substances do not lack is calories, they have plenty of those.

 We now have ninety thousand chemicals approved for use in our world today and many of them end up in the production of our food. Not only are they toxic and do harm to our body’s organs, tissues and cells they lack the nutrition our body’s need

When you are being short changed with nutrients your body will tell you and keep telling you that you are still hungry. It will drive you to eat food in the hope that you will supply to it the nutrients it so desperately needs to do the ‘repairs and maintenance’ to keep itself healthy. 

 You will be on a roller coaster of uncontrollable food cravings that will have you craving carbohydrates and sugars that will keep your blood sugar levels fluctuating wildly creating further rounds of food cravings. If this situation continues for any length of time, diabetes is pretty much a certainty which can chop off 15-20 years off your life-span after years of health problems. You can blame all this on the grains and starches we all have been sold over the last 50 odd years.

They have done damage to your body and changed it so that it overrides the natural balance mechanism as it struggles to survive. The only way to reverse this ‘hormonal hunger’ is to remove these empty-calorie food like items from your diet and your life. Replace them with nutrient-dense natural whole foods that you cook from scratch. 

Add to this a proper exercise program made up of strength training exercise to rebuild and re-tone your muscular system so you can boost your metabolism and burn up excess body fat. This twin approach will get your body back to balanced hormones, stable blood sugar levels, fat loss and better health in the quickest possible timeframe.

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