A True Weight Loss Solution Is NOT Just About Losing Weight


Most people who try to lose weight focus on just one thing – losing that weight in the fastest possible time frame. It is any wonder that 95 percent of diets fail as not only are they impossible to stick to long-term they do not address the problem as to why you have become overweight in the first place.

It really has little to do with food restriction, low calories, and low fat or low carbohydrates. In fact if you follow these sorts of plans or programs you will likely make the problem worse than it already is when you cause more damage to your fat burning mechanism – your metabolism.

Not eating enough food is the last thing you need as it will force your body to store more fat and make you unhealthier than you already are. No matter how many times you lose weight using these methods you will not be winning as you have not solved the problem of preventing your body from getting fat in the first place.

Think of it this way, you have seen those fantastic looking athletes with strong, lean, firm, fit bodies? Well they have a very different metabolism. One that responds very differently to physical activity and food than yours does. Their body has a lot of forward momentum towards being strong, lean and vital and resists becoming overweight.

So for you to lose weight there needs to be more than focus on eating less. This is only one half of the equation. If your metabolism has not been fixed and changed right down at base level you will still be stuck with the predisposition to store and preserve body fat in the future. You need the right solution so you can really be free and not have to continue to carry the burden (both physically and emotionally) of being overweight.

The way around this is to reset your metabolism making it fat resistant and the way to do this is with the right combination of metabolism restoring strength training exercise and metabolism stimulating healthy nutrition – NOT just a diet. Then these things need to be done consistently over time.

You will need to understand that the rebuilding process is a healing process as well. Your body needs to rebalance its hormones and biochemical’s so that a healthy bodyweight can be obtained. You cannot expect to lose weight during this process and may even gain a little while you rebuild your muscle tissue so that it can burn more calories day and night.

If you work hard with your strength training program you can boost your fat burning capacity 15-25 percent which may mean a loss of a half pound or so of body fat each week. But think forward to 12 months – that will add up to a loss of 25 pounds of body fat. How good would this be?

This is what giving yourself a metabolism tune-up is all about – making your body fat resistant so you finally have the freedom of not having to be paying constant attention to how you are going to (again) lose the weight you keep gaining. So, think healthy and the fat loss will follow.

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