Are You On A Weight Gain Merry-Go-Round?


It is hard to understand how we can continue to resort to methods like dieting for weight loss when 95 percent of them don’t work. You could compare it to filling up a swimming pool with a hose running in one end while you try and empty it at the other end with a bucket….futile.

Two thirds of us are now heavier and larger than we should be and the short term solutions that we try such as diets cannot possibly give long term results as weight gain is a long term problem. A long term solution is the ONLY one that can possibly give long term results.

Before you get your excess fat weight under control there are certain basic fundamentals about your body and its systems that you will need to improve the health of so you can reverse your overweight problem. The very first one is that you have to boost your metabolism so you can improve the amount of fuel (calories) that you are burning so it amounts to more than you are taking in each day.

If you are continuing to gain weight or are unable to lose weight it is highly likely that your metabolism has slowed down. This can happen when you are eating the wrong types of food, too much of them and not enough muscular exertion.

The muscular exertion bit is very important as the amount of toned muscle tissue you have on your body is the driver of your metabolic rate. Weak flabby muscles from not doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity have low energy requirements and this alone is an underlying huge factor in an overweight person.

Resorting to dieting or doing the wrong types of exercise (long duration, low intensity activity) conspire to further slow the metabolism and the reason why they are so ineffective is they work against the very thing you need to improve and get healthier.

If you do nothing to change your health at base level the situation will continue and more and more weight will be slowly but steadily gained. It is easy to see the results of this problem in our modern sedentary world with its epidemic of overweight people.

The only way to turn this around is to get your muscles toned back up which will give your fat burning tissue a big boost. There is only one way to do this and that is to get started on a proper strength training program that directly works your muscle to re-tone them so they burn more fuel every minute of the day and night. This is what will burn off your excess fat and use it harmlessly for energy.

Just 2-3 strength training sessions each week represents the most effective fat loss tool available. The really exciting benefit that strength training exercise offers over any other fat loss method is the ability to gain more fat burning muscle tissue and at the same time lose body fat. This effect is impossible to achieve using any other fat loss method. So get yourself started on your program and watch the excess fat disappear.

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