Have You Got It All Wrong When It Comes To Losing Weight?


For the last 40 odd years we have been fixated on diets, low slow activity and what the bathroom scale says in our quest for a slimmer body. Finally with the proof of scientific research and the fact that we now know that 95 percent of the time these out-dated weight loss methods do not work we can get on and do what does work.

During these last few decades people have been mislead into thinking if they wish to burn body fat and become fitter that long duration, low intensity activity like walking, jogging or cycling is what is needed as part of a weight loss program. But these things do not increase the metabolism which is what determines if a body is a fat storing one or a fat burning one.

The focus now is on ‘metabolic fitness’ which means in terms of calories you either ‘burn’ or you ‘store’. Long slow exercise is simply not intense enough to make a difference to the metabolism and in fact if too much of it is done it will lead to a further slowing of the metabolism.

We used to be only concerned with what happened ‘during’ an exercise session but now we are more concerned with what happens ‘after’ the exercise session is over. Proper strength training exercise is the only type of exercise that will address the root cause of so many people becoming overweight – a slowing of the metabolism. This is what causes burning less fuel (calories) both day and night, when active or when resting.

As muscle tissue is the driver of the metabolic rate – its health and condition is vital if excess fat weight is to be lost. Weak, flabby muscles have low energy requirements and cannot use up the food eaten on a normal diet. And the thought of eating an amount of food that would fit through the eye of a needle for the rest of ones life is not an attractive prospect to most people.

Better to fix things up at base level and get the metabolic rate back up to where it should be so it can go to work chewing up that unwanted excess body fat. So a strength training program is first and foremost and at the top of the list. Of course other types of activity are fine and part of living an active lifestyle but get 2-3 sessions of strength training in each week with some effort put into them.

Support your exercise with a healthy eating plan. This means small meals (5-7 of them) each with a source of protein to further boost the metabolism. The biggest change will come with the type of food – ditch as much non-nutrient food as possible and replace it with natural whole foods that you cook from scratch.

Eating the wrong type of foods and too much of them together with not enough muscular exertion are what has conspired to make two thirds of us overweight and many more going on to become sick – very sick.

So make these changes and watch the body fat disappear and as a bonus you will become healthier, have more energy and vitality and be protecting your future by helping your body become more disease resistant.

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