Just Two Things Are Needed For Permanent Weight Loss


There is a new concept coming to the fore about the best way to lose weight. It is really the opposite from the old outdated ‘diet’ and exercise in the ‘fat burning’ zone. It is about achieving good ‘metabolic fitness’ which means your body is balanced and fat burning/fat storing hormones are working efficiently.

It is about achieving hormonal health and restoring the proper chemical balance so that fat can be lost. It is about doing things to boost the metabolic rate so that more fuel (calories) are being burnt both day and night. Spending time, effort and money on diet and exercise programs that do not promote this will likely fail as do 95 percent of the ones on the market at any one time.

It is also about restoring good health. A healthy body does not carry excess body fat so the first step is returning the body and its systems and processes to metabolic health so you solve your overweight problem from the inside out – and so it is permanent.

If you have been eating incorrectly (the wrong types of food, and too much of them) or overstressing your body with yo-yo diets or two much long slow exercise you have likely been doing some damage to your metabolism. This will either help or hinder your weight loss efforts to a huge degree.

Accepting the fact that you need to get healthy first to lose weight (not the other way around) is the first part of rebuilding it back. Health is the first priority and any weight lost being a distant second. This means not falling for ‘fad’ diets that give nothing but false promise and get started on doing the things that will bring you success.

The first thing that needs to be implemented is the rebuilding and re-toning of your muscle tissue. Strong toned muscles are what drive the metabolism and if you have allowed yours to become weak and flabby through not doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity you have just identified the likely reason you have become overweight in the first place.

A slowed metabolism and less fat burning is caused by your muscles having low energy requirements so you are storing more as excess body fat. A proper strength training program performed 2-3 times each week with some effort put into each session will soon put that right. If you do nothing else this will get you started back on the journey to a slim trim body and one that is strong and healthy as well.

To get results in much faster time support your exercise program with a healthy eating plan. This means ditching the processed foods at least 80 percent of the time and replacing them with natural whole foods you cook from scratch. Small meals – 5-7 of them each with a source of protein is the way to go to further stimulate your metabolism.

There is no real secret to losing weight for the long term. Metabolism boosting exercise (strength training) and metabolism stimulating unprocessed foods – both used consistently are the two requirements that will have you back strong, shapely, slim and healthy again before you know it.

You will also have a bonus of having a better disease proofed body which is not something to be sneezed at in our world rife with chronic disease and a healthy body is the best protection from this.

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