Losing Weight Is Not Just About Reducing Food Intake


A person who is on the weight gain merry-go-round often is focused on just one thing – losing that weight by any means possible. Yet they often don’t realize that the numbers on the bathroom scale are just one half of the weight loss equation.

The reason why 95 percent of all diets fail is that they fail to address the root cause of the problem and it is not just about eating too much food. It is also about eating the wrong types of food and not enough muscular activity. These things all conspire to make two thirds of us overweight – an epidemic so to speak.

It is natural for someone who wants to get off this merry-go-round to think about going on a diet. Yet losing excess body fat has little to do with food restriction, low calories carbohydrates or low fat eating regimes. These things all further conspire to make the problem worse as they cause a slowing down of the metabolism – the body’s engine.

It is this engine that determines how efficiently the food we eat gets turned into fuel (calories) and how fast they are burned up for energy or stored as excess fat weight. Not eating enough food is the last thing an overweight persons needs to do as it will force the body into an even greater fat storing state. You will in fact become unhealthier on these types of eating plans which all work against the very thing you need to improve – your metabolism.

The latest way to lose weight is to do the things that will prevent your body from getting fat in the first place. These are proper strengthening exercise (strength training) and eating better quality food (not less). Toned muscle tissue is what drives the metabolism and weak flabby muscles have low energy requirements and will simply not be burning enough fuel to keep you slim. It is this metabolic meltdown that makes and keeps you fat.

So the solution is simple – get started on a strength training program and put some effort into it 2-3 times each week. This will increase your fat burning tissue so you are burning more fuel every minute of the day and night. This is the mechanism that will also slowly but surely burn of that excess fat weight. Want a fast solution? Sorry there is none. If there was that two thirds of us would not still be overweight (and worse).

Support your exercise program with 4-6 small unprocessed meals each with a source of protein. Natural whole foods cooked from scratch means you will have to get yourself back into the kitchen and create the food that will make you slim again. There are no shortcuts here – either do that or accept that you will remain overweight which not only spoils your appearance but risks your health as well. Surely that is a no contest decision.

Those two things – proper exercise and healthy eating will repair and heal your metabolism right down at base level so you can change your predisposition to store and preserve excess body fat. This will free you from that awful burden – physically, mentally and emotionally of being overweight.

This is the only way to reset your metabolism to make it fat resistant. The right amount of metabolism restoring strength training exercise and metabolism stimulating healthy eating – NOT just a diet – and these things need to be done consistently over time.

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