There Is Way More To Weight Loss Than Just The Food You Eat


It’s a fact – when we gain fat weight the first thing we think of is going on a diet of some kind. As many as half the population is engaged in an ongoing battle with body weight and the food we eat at any one time.

We always blame overeating on our weight problems and it is a natural reaction to automatically want to cut back in this area when we become unhappy about the way we look and the way we feel.

Yet we now know that dieting does not work and the reason why it does not is that it does not address the root cause of our overweight problem – our metabolic fitness. This is the way our body processes and utilizes the food we eat.

In our largely sedentary world that has little muscular activity we can get through the entire day without literally ‘moving a muscle’. The end result of this is a slowed and inefficient metabolism which is our body’s engine. When it becomes ‘un-tuned’ it no longer burns up all the food you eat for fuel.

Reducing the amount of food is not going to ever fix the problem. It would not make for a very happy life to be on a constant restrictive food diet and always living in a moment-to-moment battle between willpower and desire. So, restricting food intake has a major flaw as it is simply impossible to maintain for the long-term.

Of course what you eat is important but the other half of the equation – your metabolic health and fitness is even more important. To not only lose excess fat weight and to maintain that loss for the long-haul it is essential to restore the fat burning machinery of the body – our metabolism – to its optimum fuel burning capacity.

The goal here is to burn more calories than you eat each day rather than trying to eat less calories than you burn. This is a sound healthy approach and one that can be maintained throughout life without continually having to try and eat less and less.

There is only one way to restore the metabolism and that is by strengthening and toning the muscular system of the body with proper strength training exercise. Just 2-3 sessions each week is all that is needed to do this if the program is done right with a bit of effort put into it.

What you will also get as a bonus is a stronger, firmer, fitter more energetic body whereas a diet will leave you with a weaker, flabbier body with its energy drained away.
A strong healthy body will burn more calories every minute of the day and night and this is what you need so you can live life with freedom from dieting.

So, now you know that what you eat is not the only factor in the weight loss game. Sure you have to eat healthy to support that strong lean body but you have to get it first and foremost and your strength training program will help you achieve that.

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