You Need The Right Type Of Exercise For Losing Weight


Trying to lose excess fat weight without proper exercise is a very difficult process as it is the only way you can rebuild and speed up a sluggish metabolism. After all it is your bodies engine and its health and condition determines the rate your body burns fuel. If you have been inactive or have no intentional exercise program in place your muscle tissue will not be burning as much energy (calories) as it should be.

When we cannot use the energy we take in it is stored as unattractive fat piled onto our body and the metabolic rate is slowed even more because of it. As it continues to expand our waistline our appearance is spoiled and risk of major health problems escalate. You can easily turn this around though; you just have to get your head around the fact that you will have to be come more active, much more active.

To reverse this process, speed up your metabolism to burn off the excess fat from your body a simple strength training program is number one of the list. Its power comes in the fact of how it makes your body burn more fuel after your exercise session rather than during it as was the old way.

You can easily burn an extra couple of hundred calories per day with this type of exercise program. With this extra output of just 250 calories per day, ½ pound of body fat per week could easily be lost accumulating to 25 pounds per year. And this would be achieved without metabolism harming, restrictive food dieting.

This could only be achieved with strength training exercise; you will not get these sorts of results doing the old fashioned type of long duration endurance type ‘cardio’ exercise. This type of exercise has never ever worked for fat loss, yet people are still being told this is what they need to do to lose weight by so called ‘fitness experts’ that have come out of the woodwork with the advent of the internet.

If low intensity activity worked for weight loss we would not have a situation where two thirds of the developed world is now overweight and that figure just keeps on climbing.
Single mode, repetitive activity is recreational so keep it for that after you have done your proper exercise program 2-3 times each week – not instead of it if you really would like to see a reduction your excess fat weight.

To supercharge your metabolism you need to tone up every available shred of muscle tissue on your body. Muscle cells are where fuel (body fat and the food you eat) is burned so by strengthening these fat burning cells you will increase the calorie burn whether you are exercising or not and this is the key to getting your slim trim body back.

This type of exercise must be supported by good nutrition. Multiple small meals throughout the day made up of natural whole foods (ditch the processed stuff), adequate protein and enough calories to give high levels of energy to be able to do justice to your exercise program. Anything less will not work.

Although this is not a ‘fast’ method the far better bit is that it will be permanent unlike yo-yo dieting and ineffective exercise. Plus you will get lots of other health benefits that will be a bonus far beyond and above just losing excess body fat.

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