A Suitable Workout Will Get You A Fast Metabolism


Have you ever wondered if there was a secret to, not only losing weight, but keeping it off? Surprisingly, there is and it has nothing to do with cardiovascular exercise or dieting. The secret is a fast metabolism. A fast metabolism is not just something some people were born with; it is something you can work towards. A fast metabolism can – and should be – your best friend. No more sitting on the couch and blaming the lack of a fast metabolism on genetics.

Understanding what your metabolism is and how it works should help to get you on your feet and working towards a fast metabolism. Your metabolism is what burns the calories you eat and turns them into energy. From this definition you should get – or understand – that your body needs calories. Calories or food is the fuel that feeds your metabolism or your body’s engine.

A fast metabolism is crucial to weight loss

So, the goal is to speed up your metabolism so that it can burn more fat. When you are able to boost your metabolism to a healthy rate, your body is allowed to function as it should. This means that the calories are sent where they need to be, providing energy to your muscles, breaking down glucose and producing insulin as needed, etc. This is the outcome of a fast metabolism; when you allow your metabolism to slow, the opposite will happen.

It is unfortunate, but by mistreating your metabolism you are sending yourself down the path to being overweight, if not obesity. The more unfortunate part of this is that proper education, when it comes to a fast metabolism, has not been readily available. In fact, there has been a focus – for years – on diets and exercises that do your body absolutely no good. The good news is that professionals are becoming more aware of the importance of a fast metabolism and are starting to publicize it.

What you eat is very important. Certain foods will work against you and slow down metabolism, whereas other foods will help to give you a fast metabolism. Your “diet”; however, is not the only factor in a fast metabolism. See, there is a big difference between fat and muscle. The more you have of one – over the other – will determine the rate your metabolism functions at.

Muscle, by nature, burns fat and uses more energy. This being said, the more muscle you have the less fat you will have and – in turn – the faster your metabolism will be. Having said this, the old belief that cardiovascular exercise solves al is no longer being emphasized. Reason being, cardiovascular burns it does not build. If you want a fast metabolism you need to build and maintain healthy, lean muscles.

So, for a fast metabolism you need to focus on a healthy muscle to fat ratio. This, alone, will not only help you shed the fat and pounds, but it will give you that lean, toned, tight body that most people only see in their youth. Proper exercise and diet takes time to implement, but once you do, you will be on the path to a longer more youthful existence. On top of this, because of the faster metabolism and new found strength, you will also have more energy to enjoy the things you do on a daily basis.

How to build a fast metabolism

This part is actually rather easy, or not near as time consuming as the old cardiovascular exercises were. All you need to do is fin 30 minutes 2-3 times a week to work and challenge your muscles – all of them. Work out at home, at a gym, with a personal trainer, it really doesn’t matter; just push you muscles to the point that you can feel it. Over time they will begin to tighten and build and start working for you rather than against you.

On top of this feed your body with the right kinds of foods – no more processed foods – and you will be a new you in no time at all. Having a fast metabolism does take time, hard work, and dedication – but you are worth it. You have one life to live; wouldn’t you rather live it with a bit of spunk?

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