Can’t Lose Weight? – Here’s How To Fix It


You’ve done the low carb thing, the low fat thing even the low calorie thing but still you can’t lose weight and that excess fat is still clinging stubbornly to your tummy and thighs. You might be blaming yourself for a lack of ‘willpower’ or ‘discipline’ but be assured it may well have nothing to do with that. There could be real reasons why your body and metabolism is preventing fat loss and triggering fat gain.

Get ready for the reasons why you can’t lose weight

If you have not felt one hundred percent well for a while, you have been overweight and have struggled to stay lean for a long time despite your efforts (or lack thereof) the number one reason why you can’t lose weight is that you are in effect unhealthy and your fat burning/fat storing hormones are unbalanced. Even if you have been exercising and dieting these things may not be the right type of exercise and you may not have been eating the right type of foods to stimulate fat loss.

For starters many people mistakenly think that ‘cardio’ type exercise is the way to a slim body but this is incorrect and low intensity, long duration activity does little to zero to boost your resting metabolic rate and this is what you need to do to lose weight for the long haul. Doing the wrong type of exercise in a nutshell could be the reason not only for you becoming overweight but is likely the reason why you can’t lose weight.

Number one reason why you can’t lose weight

The burning of fuel (calories) takes place in the muscle cells. If you have not been doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity your fat burning capabilities are much lower than they should be so you slowly but steadily pile on the weight. Until you fix things up at base level and get your metabolic motor strong again.

Proper strength training exercise is the only way you can rebuild your metabolism – end of story – so forget ineffective repetitive activities that do nothing to achieve this. You only need a couple of strength training sessions each week but you will need to put some effort into them to rebuild and re-tone your muscles so they can start chewing into that excess fat that you have stored on your body and your can’t lose weight days will be behind you.

Unless you are eating BETTER not LESS you will find you also can’t lose weight. When your diet is filled with processed low quality foods you will keep your hormonal system ‘out of balance’ and your body won’t give up its fat stores. Ditch as much processed foods as possible and replace with natural whole foods that you cook from scratch. If you feel you can’t lose weight another of the important reasons will be the fact that you take short cuts and are feeding your body too many chemicals/sugar/man-made fats.

If you find you can’t lose weight the very first thing you need to do is get yourself back in the kitchen and preparing high quality small meals so you can eat one of them every 2-3 hours. These meals need to be balanced and each one has a portion of protein, good carbohydrates and healthy fats.

 Yes, you will need a plan to make this process easier and quicker. Go back to the home page on this website for a simple yet effective action plan that will lead you slowly through the changes you need to make to take you from that can’t lose weight place to the slim, strong healthy body of your dreams.

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