Can’t Lose Weight? It’s Most Likely Your Metabolism


Many overweight people are finding that despite improved eating habits and adding more activity into their lives they simply can’t lose weight. There are a number of metabolic processes contributing to this and when you address them the weight will begin to disappear.

Why you can’t lose weight

Merely by becoming overweight in the first place means that your fat burning mechanism (your metabolism) has become less efficient and less healthy. This means that the many hormones that regulate body weight and other processes in your body have become unbalanced so the first step is giving your metabolism a tune up. You actually need to get healthy to lose weight not the other way around or you will be saying that you can’t lose weight for a long time to come.

Most people who can’t lose weight get confused about what it is they want to lose. What the bathroom scale says does not mean you are just losing storage fat. If you are not doing things correctly you can actually lose precious functional and structural proteins and even cause further damage to your metabolism. Restrictive food diets are a good example of this and that is the reason they fail 95 per cent of the time and people can’t lose weight when they slash calories or do the wrong type of exercise.

The reasons why your metabolism may not be doing its job properly is that you may have been eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and not doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity. The condition of your muscle tissue is vital to your body’s fat burning capabilities and this reason alone can be why you can’t lose weight.

So, to take you from the ‘can’t lose weight’ scenario to being able to lose weight you have to accept that there is a repair and healing process to get your metabolic motor back up to speed so your body can begin burning off the excess body fat.

How you can go from ‘can’t lose weight’ to getting into great shape

You can speed up the process by getting your muscle tissue in good toned shape.  Your muscle tissue is the driver of your metabolic rate and there is only one way to get it toned and working for you again and that is with a proper strength training program. Just a couple of sessions each week will do the trick if you put some effort into them.

Support your exercise program with good nutrition in the way of small balanced meals each containing a portion of protein every 2-3 hours throughout the day. If you want to get off the ‘can’t lose weight’ merry-go-round you will need to ditch the processed foods as the chemicals in them will be throwing your fat burning hormones ‘out of whack’ and eating processed foods are another big reason why you can’t lose weight. They will be likely causing you to experience food cravings too which will be difficult to ignore. The less processed foods you eat the less the cravings will be and the more control you will have and the better and healthier you can eat.

How soon will you begin losing weight?  In just a few weeks of getting started with your strength training program supported by healthy eating your metabolism will be become more efficient and be making inroads into that stored fat. In just a few months you will be seeing positive improvements as the fat starts to come off and your body becomes stronger and leaner. Thinking that you can’t lose weight will no longer be something you will be saying to yourself.

Give it 12 months and longer and you will have changed your body from a fat storing sluggish can’t lose weight one to an efficient fat burning one. You will pretty much have that smaller, tighter, firmer energetic body of your dreams.

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