Dieting Is Not The Best Way To Lose Weight


It is now official – dieting does not work. In fact the number of dieting attempts estimated that do not work is around 95 percent.  You would wonder why we would continue to buy into a concept that fails almost 100 percent of the time. Would we buy a car or a computer or any other product with a failure rate like this?

And to add insult to injury the average person who goes on a diet ultimately gains five or more pounds over and above his/her starting weight for every diet he or she goes on. Dieting clearly does not work and we need a better more effective way to deal with the problem of excess fat weight.

The reason dieting has such a poor success record is that it works against the very thing that is responsible for us being slim and trim or overweight – our metabolism. The rate that our body burns fuel (calories) determines this yet dieting forces our body to slow down its systems as we are making it believe that a famine is upon us.

Dieting works against our metabolism

Our genes are the same as our ancient ancestors whose very survival depended on the body’s efficiency during food shortages. So, when we lower our food intake too much (even by 100 or so calories) we trigger this mechanism that once would have helped us survive but now just stops us losing unwanted excess body fat.

The way around this is to work on boosting the metabolism so our body is burning more fuel than it is taking in each day. The other way was aimed at taking in less food than our body uses each day.  There is a big difference and when you fire up your metabolic motor with metabolism boosting exercise and metabolism stimulating foods you will finally be in a better position to win the battle of the bulge.

The advances in science over the last few decades have allowed us, for the first time, to understand how our bodies work. We are finally putting the pieces of the puzzle together and understanding how hormones and our chemical processes influence whether our body stores fat or burns it for energy.

Dieting does not build a healthy metabolism

We now have the key to creating ‘metabolic fitness’ and a healthy metabolism. We now know that old fashioned dieting and long duration low intensity exercise are not effective in achieving this. A proper program of strength training exercise supported by natural unprocessed ‘whole’ foods is the way we can get smart and create the most effective way to burn off excess body fat automatically.

By enlisting the natural power of our metabolic engine as an ally not an after-thought we have an effective solution for the epidemic of overweight people that now number two thirds of us and dieting is not part of this concept. The trouble is to do this means a person’s active involvement is required performing the exercise program 2-3 times each week then supporting that with proper fat burning nutrition.

This means getting back into the kitchen and preparing food from scratch to avoid the nasty chemicals in processed food that make and keep us fat. But for those that are prepared to make these lifestyle changes the multitude of health benefits – including losing that excess fat weight they will receive will more than make up for the output of effort required.

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