Does Your Exercise Attitude Need An Adjustment?


Have you ever made a decision to ‘exercise more’ or to ‘eat better’ …then after a few weeks/days of getting to the gym early, experiencing sore muscles and not seeing immediate results….you decided that your position as a non-exerciser was easier?

 Maybe…just maybe what you really need is an adjustment to your exercise attitude. How we approach our exercise is important as unless you convince yourself of the true benefits of becoming stronger and fitter, you will most likely end up discouraged by the effort that it requires. This is a journey that requires motivation and commitment plus a bit of effort but it does not have to be that hard when you know how.

For starters, having a positive mind-set about the need for everyone to have regular proper exercise in their lives is not really optional. Our sedentary lives no longer provide much of an opportunity to be active over the course of the day so intentional exercise is not just something ‘fun’ to do if you have time. It is essential to prevent becoming overweight, decreasing disease risk, accelerating the aging process and lowering the quality of your life.

We are not getting enough proper exercise

Inactivity in our world today is a significant problem for most people. Everyone would like to believe they get enough exercise and are physically active enough, but in most cases they are not.  They cannot possibly get enough muscle strengthening activity when they do little more than get up out of bed, drive to work, sit at a desk all day, drive home and sit on the couch for the evening.

Their output of energy is very low and the end result is that they lose muscle tissue which lowers the metabolic rate so one becomes a less powerful version of who they used to be.

The end result of that is they accelerate the aging process and go headlong into a downward health spiral which is not how to live a vibrant, energetic life.

Some people think that bothering with an exercise program is just too hard. But when in life do we get it easy? Finding a job is not easy, raising a family is not easy, maintaining relationships with people is not always easy and yes, showing up to do an exercise session is not always easy.

Not much proper exercise is needed to strengthen

The best way to approach it is just to do one or two exercise sessions each week. That is all you need to do. Get that cemented well into your life before you attempt to add any more sessions. Even one session each week over a period of 6-12 months would give good results and the best part is you are forming a habit which is exactly what you need to do.

With proper strength training exercise the good part is that you do not need to do much of it if you do it at the right level of intensity (degree of effort). Two sessions each week are enough to get amazing results over a period of time. Anyone can fit in these two exercise sessions each week without it encroaching on your life too much.

As you see and feel the benefits you will want to take it up a notch and you will have become a more active person in a way that does not seem so hard. Try that approach and see for yourself.

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