Having Good Metabolic Fitness Gets You To Your Fat Loss Goals Faster


If you are carrying too much fat on your body you really have a double banger problem. Sure one of them is the excess fat weight piled up on your body but the other is a likely sluggish and less efficient metabolism (your body’s engine) so you have reduced metabolic fitness.

Having a slow and less healthy metabolism means your body is burning less fuel (calories) than it is capable of every minute of the day and night. You have what is known as poor metabolic fitness which means the hormones responsible for burning and storing fat, blood sugar control and appetite regulation are unbalanced.

Many people turn to the latest ‘fad’ diet in the hope they can improve metabolic fitness and lose excess fat weight and become healthier. But, in reality this does not happen with an estimated 95 percent of all dieting failing to reduce body fat for the long haul as they do nothing to improve metabolic fitness. The reason they fail is because you actually have to get healthy to lose body fat not the other way around.

When you have good metabolic fitness fat loss happens

When hormones are balanced and your body is burning fuel properly and your metabolic fitness is good then your body can be coaxed into giving up its fat stores. But first you need to go right down to cellular level of the metabolism and fix the main thing that drives it – your muscle tissue. If you have not being doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity your muscles will have become weak and flabby and their energy requirements will be low and the end result is your metabolic fitness is poor.

So this is the place to start – getting your muscles toned back up and in healthy condition so they can go to work for you burning more fuel. This increased metabolic fitness is how you can lose that excess fat and more importantly – keep it off. But there is only one way to get your muscular system back up and running hot and that is with a proper strength training exercise program.

Your muscle tissue is at the base of good metabolic fitness

Rebuilding lost muscle tissue and toning up what is still there will increase  metabolic fitness and fuel burning by as much as 15-25 percent which can mean a loss of around one half pound of fat each week. Although this does not sound like a lot, add up 12 months worth and you will have ditched around 25 pounds of fat. What difference do you think this could make to the way you look and the way you feel? 

But there will be a transition period from where you are now to where your metabolism has been restored to good health and your metabolic fitness is improved.. How long you say? Well it depends how long you have had poor eating habits or a lack of proper exercise. When you begin improving these habits your body will begin to rebalance its hormones and allow you to heal.

Your body will also rebuild all its structural and functional biochemical’s that were not being made efficient during your previous poor lifestyle habits. Each healthy meal you eat and each exercise session you do will improve your metabolic fitness and will bring you closer to your weight loss and fitness goals. Think of those healthy meals and workout sessions as another one of the hundreds of small steps that accumulate and give you forward momentum towards your goal.

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