Eat Better Not Less And Lose Weight


The first thing we tend to consider when we become overweight is going on a diet. As many as half our population at any one time is engaged in an endless struggle with food and body weight. Yet we now know that doing this does not work for 95 percent of the time.

You see, dieting and restricting food intake to lose weight is at best only half of the equation. It only focuses on limiting food intake and has nothing to do with the other half of the equation – the fuel (calories) you burn through the condition of your metabolism which is your bodies engine. 

Trying to become slim and trim through limiting your food intake is like trying to become wealthy by budgeting. Controlling your expenses alone does not create wealth; you need to be doing something to generate more at the other end to achieve that. 

It is the same if you want to lose weight; you need to generate more in the way of burning more calories and getting your metabolism in better fat burning condition. Then there will be no need to put yourself through the deprivation and suffering of dieting that involves a moment to moment battle between cravings, desire and willpower.

Stoke the metabolic fire to lose weight

The only long term way to lose weight and keep it off is to take some real action and stoke your metabolic fire up so that it burns more fuel every minute of the day and night. The only way to do this is to rebuild lost muscle tissue and tone up what is already there.

Muscle tissue is where the food you eat is burned for energy and if it has been allowed to become weak and flabby its energy needs will have been reduced and this is most likely the reason you have become overweight in the first place.

So, it makes good sense to fix the problem up at the root cause and it has nothing to do with limiting food intake. You will need to eat better not less to support the strength training exercise program you will need to be doing 2-3 times each week to rebuild your metabolism so it burns more fuel.

Eat more quality food to lose weight

You may even need to eat more, and it will most certainly need to be of a higher quality which means ditching most of the processed non-nutrient foods that many people think is all they need to be healthy. Nothing could be further from the truth as the human body needs nutrients not found in processed foods to avoid becoming unhealthy and overweight. Natural whole foods that have not been messed around with by man are your ticket to weight loss.

Just those two strategies, eating better and your strength training program will ensure you claw back your healthy metabolism and slowly over time your body weight will return to a healthy level and you will look and feel so much better. All this without having to resort to that awful word – dieting. That word sucks!

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