How To Get The Best Results From Your Fat Loss Plan


Everywhere we look we see those magic words, “lose 10 pounds in 10 days” or “fast fat loss plan” and we are drawn to these promises that we can ditch our unwanted flab in a hurry. Most of the popular weight loss plans are designed for short term use and lead to short term weight loss yet they still attract us like bees to honey and we hope that “Maybe this time”…

The problem with a fast fat loss plan is that they start you off on the strictest version of the diet so you do lose weight fast. They don’t want you to get discouraged with small amounts of weight loss in the beginning as you would then think you had wasted your money and were not getting what has been promised.

We may think of these weight loss plans as ‘dumb dieting’ as they don’t work 95 per cent of the time. What other product can you think of that has such a massive failure rate? Would you buy it if you knew that it would work only 5 per cent of the time? Not likely.

It sounds silly but the people we admire so much, you know those ones with their tight, shapely sexy bodies, they are not dieting at all. How they have got and are keeping those ‘to die for’ bodies have simply mastered a few basic exercise and eating fundamentals of a true fat loss plan. They are abiding by some simple rules that keep them in great shape for the long haul.

Once you know what these basic fat loss plan principals are you can also use them to help you achieve your own firm sexy body. You will then have no need to be seduced by those empty marketing promises and gimmicks of fast easy weight loss as you will have a proven solution based on sound realistic healthy principals.

The fat loss plan fundamentals

To lose excess body fat in a sustainable way the focus needs to go on getting your body burning more fuel (calories) than it is burning each day. Although this may sound like a no-brainer to achieve this your fat loss plan must be compiled of a combination of the right type of metabolism boosting exercise (strength training) and metabolism stimulating foods (unprocessed, natural, whole foods cooked from scratch).

What we hope to achieve on our fat loss plan is to coax our body into burning more fuel every minute of the day and night. Even just a few extra calories per minute add up to big fat loss results in the following weeks and months. Even just a 10-15 per cent increase in the metabolic rate can mean 20 or more pounds lost in a twelve month period.

When you look at the flip side of this if you don’t get started on your fat loss plan now imagine in twelve months what you will weigh, how your body will look and how will you feel. Focus on this picture and use it to motivate you and propel you forward towards your fitness and weight loss goals.

Get with a proper fat loss plan

The old fashioned ‘fast’ weight loss diet is the very last thing you need to get you the body of your dreams. Screwing your food intake down to where it can fit through the eye of a needle is not going to help boost your metabolism and that is what we need to do. Our goal is to reboot your metabolic motor and burn that unwanted fat off as quickly as possible as we are now very aware we cannot starve it off.

The ancient ‘survival mode’ kicks in to prevent us from what it thinks of as starvation. It doesn’t know we only want to fit into our skinny jeans and there is a fridge full of food in the next room and we are in no danger of a looming famine.

So, we have to treat our body right and gently coax it into giving up its fat stores. A couple of strength training sessions each week is the fastest way to kick your fat burning rate into high gear and should be the backbone of any effective fat loss plan.

Sure it will take some time to make these changes in your life but you can take it slowly and replace the not so good habits – like no proper muscle building exercise and eating too many processed foods over a period of time.

The very good news is that every single workout and each healthy meal that make up your fat loss plan will bring you one step closer to that new slim firm body that you will be delighted to live in for the rest of your life.

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