If You Are Having Trouble With Weight Loss You Need To Read This


We have the wrong ideas about weight loss that make the whole process difficult at best and simply do not work at worst. Since most people are not experts in the topic of weight loss they do not see this and follow the old methods like lemmings in the hope they can lose the weight.

We have it all wrong about weight loss

The old accepted but not workable path to weight loss includes food restriction and deprivation combined with excessive amounts of repetitive low intensity activity. Most people do not enjoy these old fashioned strategies which cause mental conflict and physical suffering and that do not give us the weight loss we want anyway.

Not all, but a good percentage of people, many of them women have gained weight from a long-term hormonal balance. This can be caused from repeated dieting, not enough muscular exertion and too much ‘cardio’ type activity. For these people attempting to lose weight yet again will exacerbate the problem and make the goal of long-term weight loss close to impossible.

When the human body becomes overweight (over fat) it is in an unhealthy state with fat storing/fat burning hormones ‘out of whack’. Restricting food intake and too much of the wrong type of exercise does not fix the problem.

In fact, it makes us unhealthier as those very things work against the body causing an even more sluggish inefficient metabolism (the body’s engine). This reduces the amount of fuel (calories) we burn over the course of a day and night and this is how we get and stay overweight.

Weight loss can only happen when the body is healthy and strong

Before weight loss can happen it requires a shift both mentally and physically to take the body from an unhealthy state to better ‘metabolic fitness’ so it can burn fat for energy and not store it. This shift requires forgetting about weight loss and focusing on healing the body so it can be coaxed (not forced) into giving up its fat stores.

The journey to ‘metabolic fitness’ has some firm and fast rules such as:

Getting started on a proper strength training exercise program

Do 2-3 sessions each week with some effort put into them

Do not diet or skip meals

Eat 4-6 (or more) times per day

Make sure each meal has a protein, fat and a good carbohydrate (vegetables)

Eliminate as much processed food as possible (things in packets, boxes, frozen etc)

Get totally rid of processed sugary carbs (cereals, breads, pasta, baked goods etc)

Get plenty of good fats – coconut oil, butter, animal fats and eggs from grass fed animals

Get your butt back into the kitchen and cook your natural whole foods from scratch

Plan, shop and cook ahead

It is also important to reframe your mind about the food you eat. After all food:

Gives us energy so we can be more active

Makes us feel full and satiated

Energizes us throughout the day

It is really hard to overeat when you eat real food, but it is VERY easy to overeat processed foods made of flour, sugar and unhealthy fats

The chemicals in processed foods make weight loss almost impossible as they throw the delicate food regulation hormones out of balance and cause you to overeat

Use these food facts to reframe your understanding about food so you can enjoy eating real food to improve your health, balance your moods and help you with weight loss. Think 80/20 which means if you eat in a healthy way 80 per cent of the time you have the other 20 percent to party or eat anything you desire which is a strategy that you can live with for the rest of your life.

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