Just Say No To Another Diet – Please


You’ve seen them, we all have – the latest fad diet that promises the world and deliver nothing.  Those weight loss diet plans that seduce us with the idea of fast weight loss. “Lose ten pounds over the weekend” or “lose twenty pounds in 20 days”. The images these diets display are graphic. Large overweight bodies are shown next to slim ones and we think to ourselves, “that could be me” or “maybe this time”.

But the strong, lean, tight bodies that we admire so much on other people are not created by going on a diet. People with slim toned bodies are not on any diet at all. What they have done is simply mastered a few basic exercise and eating fundamentals and abide by a few simple rules that keep them in shape permanently. Diets do not do this.

You see a diet is a short term solution, and to lose weight you need a long term solution otherwise you will become another one of the 95 percent that a diet does not work for.  The more you diet the more you are teaching your body to hang on to its fat stores and making it harder to lose body fat in the future.

Focus on building health not a diet

You really need to go in a completely different direction – and the first step is getting your exercise regime and eating plan in order so that you are burning more calories each day than you are storing. So, instead of thinking diet we need to be thinking rebuild the metabolism (the bodies engine) so more fuel is burned every minute of the day and night.

A proper strength training exercise program is number one on the list, not any sort of diet. You cannot lose weight for the long haul without rebuilding and re-toning lost and weak flabby muscles. Getting your muscles toned up is the most important thing you can do as your muscle cells are where blood sugar (glucose) produced from the food you eat is burned for energy.

After a few weeks of 2-3 sessions each week of your strength training program you will be burning more calories each day. This is how you are not only going to lose weight but keep it off for the long haul and this is something that no diet can ever give you.

You can increase this fuel burning by as much as 15 percent which adds up to a lot of fat lost after 12 months or so.  A diet does the opposite – it reduces the amount of fuel you use and this is why a diet will make you fatter – it works against the metabolism.

Don’t think any old type of exercise will have this affect. Long duration, low intensity activities do little to nothing to increase the metabolic rate. You need to work your muscles directly under a load to get the metabolism boost as is done with proper strength training exercise.

Your eating plan is next and it is all about eating small healthy meals that contain a portion of quality protein. This is the opposite of a diet and you will need to spend some time planning, preparing and cooking your meals from scratch as eating packaged and pre-prepared foods will not help you lose body fat. The nasty chemicals in these ‘so called’ foods have a lot to answer for in making and keeping people fat.

So, rather than think less as in a diet – you should be thinking more, more proper exercise that engages your muscles and more higher quality food. These two things – strength training and the healthy eating plan will stimulate and boost your metabolism. The reason a diet will fail as they do not do those things – in fact they will slow your metabolic rate to a crawl and your body will hold on to every scrap of body fat it can.

You will be off the diet merry-go-round for good

If you are serious about losing weight and keeping it off you can see you have some work to do to achieve it. These are the two most basic strategies that need to be in place to achieve that goal we mentioned earlier on – burning more calories each day than are being stored so you can make the journey back to a strong, slim healthy body.

Just think you will be able to steer clear of the marketing fads, promises and gimmicks that try and fool you into thinking the next fad diet plan is your solution to your overweight problem.  You can laugh at them as you will have a solution based on solid, realistic, healthy and energizing principals that will continue to help you on your journey that gets easier once new habits are formed.

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