Our Waistlines Are Widening But We Are In Denial About The Dangers Of Being Overweight.


In our looks-obsessed society, many people believe that being overweight is just an appearance issue and not a deeper medical issue where it can seriously affect a person’s life. You could call the “I’m fat and it’s okay” mentality as a negative reaction to the modern fitness/weight loss/looking good movement that tends to put how one looks in front of good health. This is in fact, the opposite side of the coin but with the same result – acceptance of physical appearance becomes more important than health.

Over the last 20-30 years, the global overweight epidemic has increased to the point where two thirds of us are now in this category to one degree or another.  The idea that is growing is that this is okay has begun to get some traction. We are becoming to more readily tolerate that being overweight is an acceptable lifestyle and quality of life choice, that it is better to live a few less years and enjoy yourself than continually worry about the overweight issue.

The problem with these ideas and beliefs is that they are not based on knowledge or awareness of the health risks of being overweight, or the health benefits of doing what is necessary to return to a normal healthy weight. Any idea that being overweight is okay is a very misguided and ultimately dangerous notion that a person may hold towards their own present and future health and longevity.

Being overweight carries big risks

The health problems that originate from being overweight go way beyond the ones we usually think of, like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Being overweight can also affect a person’s mental and emotional health and things like joint health, sleep, breathing, energy levels, how well we age and mood. Every aspect of a person’s being is compromised as the body’s chemical environment is changed so that every cell and tissue is bathed in fluids that whisper decay, degenerate, die.

Right at the heart of it all is the matter that if a person is overweight they are not getting enough muscular exertion and not doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity to burn up the fuel created from the food we eat. It is only when muscles contract forcefully, are challenged and kept strong that it triggers the activation of the hormones of ‘growth and repair’. These are the vital ones that keep us healthy and strong.

When the brain is no longer receiving messages that the body needs its strength it flicks the switch to ‘shut down’ mode so that weakened organism is removed from life as quickly as possible. In the laws of nature and the cycle of life an organism that is weak and unhealthy is no longer productive and cannot contribute to the survival of the species so it is removed to make room for those younger and stronger at the food trough.

So, you can see being overweight goes way beyond not being able to fit into your skinny jeans. It affects your entire life both present and future. We can see the effects of this all around us in our community as the overweight and unhealthy numbers continue to rise. People are being taken out well before their time and although we may question why this is happening underneath we know the reasons.

We know why there are so many of us overweight and out of shape

Not enough muscular exertion, not enough proper exercise, the wrong types of foods and too much of them are what is causing it but how easy is that to fix?

A couple of proper strength training sessions each week at the gym and ditching as much processed non-nutrient ‘so called’ foods as possible and cooking natural whole foods from scratch are the things that will get rid of the overweight problem.

It is your choice – make it the right one.

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