Pills and Formulas Are No Match For Natural Weight Loss Programs


Pills and supplements that aid weight loss have been around for decades. Their marketers use terms like ‘easy’ ‘fast’ or ‘rapid’ and of course we are interested right away. But weight loss is not a short term solution and that is all these sorts of products can offer. What do you think will happen after you stop taking them? Yes, you will gain back any weight lost with probably some extra as well.

These pills and supplements usually try and suppress your appetite so you don’t eat so much which is really only another form of food restriction or ‘dieting’. We now know that this is not the best way to achieve the goal of weight loss. When you slash calories it shunts the human body into ‘survival mode’ which is how we have survived food shortages and famines since the beginning of mankind.

Your body does not know there is a fridge full of food in the next room and you are in no danger of starvation. It does not know you only want to fit into your skinny jeans for an upcoming party. When your body goes into this ‘survival mode’ it slows the metabolism (the bodies engine) which is the last thing you need if your goal is weight loss as it means your body is burning less fuel and storing more fat.

This is why dieting does not work. The new way is to use methods that increase fat burning so you are in fact burning more calories every minute of the day and night and dieting or doing any sort of long duration low intensity exercise is not how you can achieve that.

 Do the right things to achieve weight loss

The two strategies that will help you achieve that are firstly, a program that involves 2-3 sessions each week of proper strength training exercise. The efficiency of the metabolism depends on how much toned muscle tissue you have on your body.

If you have allowed your muscles to become flabby and weak their fuel requirements will be lower than they should be. So, the first job is to get them toned back up and chewing into the excess fat weight that has accumulated on your body.

Weight loss comes from an efficient metabolism

You will need plenty of energy so you can put some effort into your exercise program and the recipe for that is not about reducing food intake but upping the quality of what you eat. This means ditching as many processed foods from your diet as possible and replacing them with natural whole foods that you cook from scratch.

This will have the effect of getting your body working efficiently so it becomes better at burning fuel (calories) so you slowly work towards your weight loss goals. The stronger and fitter you become the more you will be working with your body and the easier losing that excess fat becomes.

You can see now how pills, supplements or any sort of restrictive food diet is not going to help you reach your long term weight loss goals. All they are going to do is keep you on a weight gain/loss merry-go-round that will frustrate you as you see your body slowly becoming flabbier and heavier.

No pill can ever supply your body with the nutrition that natural fresh foods will, and no supplement or diet can ever supply your body with the strengthening exercise it needs to keep your metabolism running hot so you don’t become overweight.

 You know what you need to do now, so get started and in just a few weeks you will see a difference, in a few months you will be getting closer to your weight loss goals and in twelve months and longer you will be in the maintenance mode which by then has become part of ‘who you are’ rather than simply something ‘you just do’.

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