Weight Loss Is What You Make Of It – You Control It


Most of us lead fairly sedentary lifestyles; there is no question that this is not healthy way to live. It is because of our lack of physical activity that our society faces such an obesity epidemic. Weight loss is near impossible if we are not physically active. But, weight loss is becoming more difficult because of all the fad diets and pills too. Face it, it is time for each of us to get off the couch and start to physically change the way we look rather than hoping that weight loss will just happen; no more dieting, no more pills, no more starving – it is time to eat and exercise.

There is a Right Way to Attain Weight Loss

Proper physical activity is crucial to a long life; and not one where you are laid up in an assisted living facility depending on everyone else to do for you. There is no doubt that most of us know that in order to stay healthy and live long we must not only focus on weight loss, but we must also stay physically strong. The sad thing is, even though we know this, most of us choose to do nothing. Strength is much more important than weight loss, this is common sense, yet we are either eating what we want or starving ourselves to lose 5-pounds by summer.

One of the most common excuses, when it comes to weight loss and exercise, is that we will start tomorrow. Tomorrow; however, never comes for most of us. If, when, you have a goal to do something it is always better to start today; make a habit of it. To create a habit, even for weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, you must stick with it for 2-3 weeks (21 days). If you can do this then you are well on your way to a sexy you.

So, today is the day to stop making excuses and get off your bottom and change the way you look and feel. Weight loss is a real thing, and it can be accomplished with just a bit of dedication and hard work; you can even keep it off for good with the right techniques. So, first things first, it is time to start exercising. No more of this cardiovascular exercise that takes hours every day to see results; but exercises that push and challenge your body. These exercises are known as strength training exercises; the only true way towards weight loss.

Okay, so to get yourself off on the right foot for your new weight loss program, you need to participate in a proper strength training routine 2-3 times a week for about 30 minutes per session. These exercises must consist of pushing and challenging your muscles to the point that you feel it. If you cannot feel it you are not pushing hard enough. See, in order to work towards proper weight loss and physical strength, you must build muscle. And the only way to build muscle is to challenge it on a regular basis. Now, this includes every muscle group, not just your legs or just your arms; you must work them all.

Weight Loss and Physical Strength are Your Friend

You can either perform these routines at a gym, with a personal trainer, or in the comforts of your home; it really does not matter, as long as you are doing the routines properly. When these routines are done right, weight loss will actually come naturally and so will your physical strength. In fact, when you build enough muscle, and maintain it, a slender, sexy body is yours for life. Additionally, this muscle and strength will help you to avoid many life-threatening diseases and help you avoid the effects of “old age”. It is time to stop procrastinating; it is time to work towards the you that you have full potential to be; the combination of proper weight loss and muscle strength is the only way to attain this sexy new you.

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