Are You Doing The Right Type Of Exercise To Boost Metabolism?


If you asked a group of people what sort of exercise they should be doing to boost metabolism (the body’s engine) and lose excess fat weight they would all probably tell you the same thing. That to burn fat you need to do long duration, low intensity activity like jogging or cycling or using a piece of ‘cardio’ equipment in the gym.

They would also likely tell you that more sessions are better to boost metabolism – 4, 5 or more times each week would be better than 2 or 3 times. This has been the prescription for losing body fat for the last few decades. Sure, you will burn some calories while you are walking or jogging to nowhere on a treadmill, but you will not increase metabolism and build yourself a strong, lean body by only doing this type of activity.

Doing the wrong type of exercise will not boost metabolism

You can also fail to boost metabolism and encourage your body to store more fat by doing too much long slow activity as the body simply stocks up on fuel (calories) for your next session so it has plenty in reserve. By doing this type of activity you are training your body to effectively use and therefore rely on stored body fat for energy for these long duration sessions. We want to be burning more body fat though and need to boost metabolism to achieve this.

For the past few decades we have only been concerned with what happens during an exercise session without worrying about the need to boost metabolism. But modern exercise programs now look beyond what happens during an exercise session and focus more on what happens after the exercise session is over. We want to utilize the power of our metabolic rate to burn off the excess fat but first we have to boost metabolism and we can not do this with low intensity activity.

The rate our body burns fuel is dependent on the amount of toned muscle tissue we have on our body. Weak flabby muscles have low energy requirements won’t help you burn off body fat. If you have not been doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity they will be burning less fuel that they should be and this is most likely the underlying cause of you becoming overweight in the first place. So toning them up will boost metabolism.

Our muscle tissue makes up to 50 percent of our body weight so it is vital that we keep it in good strong toned condition as any drop in fuel burning means we become over-fat and overweight. Reducing your food intake is not the answer nor is more low intensity activity. What is needed is a proper strength training program performed 2-3 times each week with some effort put into it so can boost metabolism..

Getting your muscular system re-toned and burning fuel is the solution to your weight loss struggles – there really is no other better way. Once your metabolism is healthy again it will slowly but surely chew into that excess fat and burn it up for energy. And the really good news is that this will be happening even while you are sleeping or on the couch watching television.

Boost metabolism with small protein rich meals

To get results even quicker tidy up your eating plan by ditching as many processed food items as possible. Replace them with natural whole foods that you cook from scratch. Eat 5-7 small meals each day each with a source of protein to further boost metabolism. Your energy levels will soar and your activity levels increase. When you feel really good from the metabolism boost you want to be active, sitting around does not feel right. These two strategies combined – proper strengthening exercise together with healthy unprocessed food will boost metabolism and are your ticket to that strong, lean, slim body that you would love to live in for the rest of your life.

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