Motivation To Lose Weight – Here’s How You Can Get It


Maybe you are one of the two thirds of us in the world that is in the ‘overweight’ category, stuck or trapped in a too heavy, feel-bad body. You may even feel that your body has failed you and let you down. You know somehow you need to find the motivation to lose weight but so far this has eluded you.

You understand that to be able to lose a few pounds (or a lot) you need to eat less but the thought of going on a diet is something that fills you with dread as you know it is going to be a soul punishing experience. You worry where you are going to find that all important motivation to lose weight that you know is vital to your success.

The problem with motivation is that most people believe it is something that just comes to them or is something that someone else can give them (like a fitness trainer). Well, I’ve got news for you. The motivation to lose weight or increase fitness and health is not something that is ever going to show up and slap you in the face and say “Hey Tubs, let’s go”. No one else can give it to you and no amount of money can buy it.

The motivation to lose weight is within you already

Yes it’s true; it’s all there inside you waiting for you to claim it. To activate it all you have to do is take some action. Just start ‘doing it’ without motivation and it will kick in and keep you going.

Our bodies are designed to be active, very active and when we meet this need you will be rewarded with a boost of natural motivation to lose weight or go after any other fitness goal you may have. You will stimulate ‘feel good’ natural chemicals that only moving your body in the right ways can activate. If you have been getting this “feel good” boost from eating foods high in sugars/fats/chemicals the idea is to swap one for the other.

Also when you begin strengthening your body with proper strength training exercise not only do you increase your metabolism and the rate your body burns fuel (calories) but you also strengthen your mind taking your motivation to lose weight along with personal self-discipline to higher and higher levels.

Many people try and start off with way too much low intensity ‘cardio’ type activity and at the same time cutting back severely on food intake in the hope of starving the excess fat off. But this does not work 95 per cent of the time so don’t even bother going there. Do not start another diet; get your head around starting a NEW LIFE. This is the key to working on your motivation to lose weight which with the right tools will get stronger and stronger, propelling you towards your goals with seemingly less and less effort.

Your new life will give you that motivation to lose weight

Simple measures in the way of your exercise program and eating better (not less) are what are needed for the foundations of your new life. At the top of the list is proper strength training sessions to restore lost and disused muscle tissue to burn more fat. In our modern mostly sedentary world many people are not getting enough muscular exertion so they become overweight simply because they cannot burn up the energy from the food they eat. Their metabolic engine has lost its power so to speak

Get that bit right first and you will have made a good start to the journey back to your former slim self. And how hard is it to go to the gym and do a couple of 30-40 minute exercise sessions each week? Each time you go you will find your motivation to lose weight growing stronger as you will feel so good inside as you are the one in control not that weak flabby body.

Next your eating. If you can eat pretty good ‘clean’ food at least 50-80 per cent of the time you will start improving your ‘metabolic fitness’ which means your fat burning/fat storing hormones will become better balanced which will aid faster fat loss. Clean food means unprocessed non man-made natural food items. Buy whole foods that you cook from scratch, things like a piece of grass fed beef, a bunch of spinach, free range poultry and eggs, an orange, fish from the sea.

When you think of the damage being overweight does to the quality of your life it is not hard to see why no one really wants to be that way. It not only spoils your physical appearance adding years to the way you look and feel, it adds a dreadful burden to your life not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

It also sets the stage for any one of dozens of nasty diseases that can cut your life short by decades. But that is not going to happen to you as you now know how to develop your own strong unstoppable motivation to lose weight so you can live your best life.

Go back to the home page on this website for a fat loss program that leads you through this process drip fed over a six month period so you will not be overwhelmed with the changes. When done bit by bit in an organized structured way you will barely notice them but you will notice the wonderful changes in the way you look and feel I promise.

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