Weight Loss Comes From Hard Work And Dedication


There are a number of people who blame aging, metabolism, genetics, and other things on their own weight gain. While some of this is true; none of these reasons are the root cause to obesity and being fat. Yes, with aging comes a slower metabolism, a slower metabolism causes fat gain, etc., etc. But, your weight loss destiny is in your own hands. While these reasons may be accurate, they are only excuses to keep people from true weight loss. It is time to start focusing on what you thought you could not control – the future of your physique.

Weight loss is controllable

Aside from aging and genetics, there are two main – controllable – influences over your metabolic rate and weight loss. (Yes, the two go hand in hand.) What you eat and how active you are, are very important to your future. What most people are missing, in their daily routines, is some sort of muscle building/maintaining routine. Lean, toned muscles feed your metabolism and keep you strong. Common sense should kick in here and tell you that muscles are quite important to your weight loss efforts (and aging for that matter).


It is unfortunate that, for years, people have been told to run, jog, swim, etc. in order to lose weight. This; however, is not at all what you need if you want a body that will fight for you. What you need is muscle tone and the only way to get this is through proper strength training exercise. Not only does this provide you with great advantages for your future physique, but it helps with weight loss, energy, and physique now too; it also does not take near as much time as many cardiovascular routines do.


In order to boost your metabolism and strength you simply need to find 2-3 days a week where you can spend 30 minutes building and toning your muscles. Yes – that is it. The key is to challenge and push your muscles; you should feel it. These should not be easy routines; think about it, anything worth having doesn’t come easily; you have to work for it.


Okay, so you know what you need to do physically to focus on weight loss and a sexy physique, now it is time to focus on diet. First off, no more fad diets, they are not successful and most are not good for you. For proper weight loss – fat loss – you need to eat the right kinds of foods. Think about foods that you could get if there was not a restaurant on every corner; foods that have been around for decades – fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and nuts and grains.


Your body does not really need much for weight loss or to maintain a healthy weight – proteins, carbohydrates, and fat (yes, fat). If you stick with the “food groups” listed above, your body will be able to function more efficiently, which includes a metabolism that is able to function as it should – burning calories for energy rather than storing them as fat. This is, in part, where the weight loss comes into play. See, over time, your new found muscle will begin to burn this old fat; hence weight loss.

The simple way to look at weight loss

The simple way to look at this is that if you want to enjoy the benefits of weight loss, it is time to make some lifestyle changes; it is time to stop making excuses and get up and do something about it. You may be getting older or you may have bad genetics, but we now know there is something you can do about it. Make healthy choices when it comes to the food you consume and start working and pushing your muscles. Before you know it you will be headed down the weight loss path, buying new clothes, and enjoying the reflection you see in the mirror.


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