Weight Loss – Eating Right And Proper Exercise Will Do It


For decades we have been fixated on dieting and what the scales says in our quest for slimness. Throw in some long slow exercise activity like walking or jogging and you had the formula for weight loss. But now in our modern day science has finally provided the proof that these methods were not the best for weight loss and in fact we now know that 95 per cent of the time they did not work.

We now understand that when a person becomes overweight overeating is not the only cause. Sure taking in more fuel (calories) than one can burn up will result in extra body fat but there is much more to it than that. Our body’s engine – our metabolism is at the root of it all, its health and condition determines whether we are slim and trim or overweight.

So, we look to getting our metabolic motor in good condition for weight loss. This means we need to do the only thing that will increase our metabolism and that is proper strengthening exercise. The tone of our muscles is what drives the metabolism and many people do not get anywhere near enough muscle building and maintaining activity in the course of their day. Our modern world has removed all of the physical ‘work’ that could keep us strong in favor of us living ‘comfortable’ ‘easy’ lives.

Weight loss is difficult with a slow metabolism

But unfortunately, when our muscles are allowed to become weak and flabby their energy requirements decline and this is the number one reason why we accumulate excess fat weight. So, for weight loss we have to get our muscles toned back up and burning more fuel. When they do that they burn more while you are exercising but also when you are sleeping or resting.

This is the key to weight loss but the right type of exercise must be done for it to work. The old fashioned types of exercise that we used to believe worked do not work. They only burn a few calories up while you are doing them but we need to boost the metabolism so it is burning more calories round the clock.

A proper program of strength training exercise is very effective for weight loss. Just 2-3 sessions each week are needed but some effort does need to be put into each session to make the changes you need to make deep down to your muscular system. The little pink dumbbells are not going to do the job if weight loss is your goal.

You can still do your other low intensity exercise just do not replace your strength training with them. Keep them as part of living an active lifestyle which is what you need to do for long term weight loss, but a rebuild of your metabolism must come first.

A healthy eating plan is next on the list to support your energy levels so you can do justice to your exercise program. This means ditching as much processed ‘dead as a doornail’ non-nutrient foods as possible and replacing them with natural whole foods that you cook from scratch.

Weight loss requires the right foods

Yes, you will need to get yourself back into the kitchen but if your goal is weight loss processed foods are not going to make and keep you healthy with a fat burning metabolism. Processed foods will only give you a sluggish fat storing metabolism so getting rid of them is the very best move you can make to become slim again.

Make these changes in your lifestyle and watch the weight loss happen. Not only will you lose weight you will become healthier, have more energy and vitality so you can live life to the fullest.


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