Could Diet Burnout Be Causing Your Inability To Lose Weight?


If you have been unkind to your body in your attempts to lose weight both with your eating and exercise habits you could have been working against it and overstressing it. If you are guilty of being on and off ‘fad’ restrictive diets and excessive long duration, low intensity exercise activities you may have damaged your metabolism (your body’s engine).

If this has been going on for some time and you have hit a plateau your body will no longer respond to the stress you are putting on it. This makes losing weight nearly impossible and the even worse bit is you will be speeding up the aging process and risking your overall health as well.

Most people do not realize that you have to be healthy to lose weight. Hormones need to be balanced so the body is burning fat not storing it. A healthy body is not over-fat so the first thing to do is to restore the hormonal and chemical balance so health is improved to coax the body into giving up its fat stores.

This means not falling for ‘get thin quick’ schemes and false promises and getting your head around the fact that weight loss should rank a distant second to the rebuilding of health. Once you have health you will lose weight in a healthy manner automatically.

You need body balance to lose weight

The reason that healing the metabolism is vital before fat loss can occur is to improve things like insulin sensitivity and improving the conversion of food that is eaten into energy – having it being burnt up rather than stored as excess body fat.

If the wrong foods have been eaten, too much of them and not enough muscle toning activity has been done there will be problems with the blood glucose and insulin systems as well as blood fat levels and you will not lose weight easily.

So, the first priority is to change the unhealthy chemical environment and restore it to a healthy balance that favors fat loss. The solution is pretty simple – firstly a proper strength training exercise program should be performed 2-3 times each week to restore muscle health. Muscle cells are where fuel is burnt for energy and weak flabby muscles will be causing the majority of fat storage problems.

High blood glucose circulates around in the blood with nowhere to go because of the un-toned muscles low energy requirements. Then extra insulin is released to try and reduce the levels making for a toxic cocktail that is responsible for the tsunami of obesity and chronic disease that our inactive and sedentary lifestyle promote.

So, by getting your muscles toned back up and strong, half the battle will be done and they can begin working for you chewing into the unwanted fat stores and you will begin to lose weight. Your strength training program should be your number one priority if fat loss is your goal.

Restore health, lose weight

To restore health even quicker, ditch as much processed foods as possible and replace with natural whole foods that you cook from scratch. Small meals numbering 5-7 each day each with a protein source as the main item of the meal and the balance vegetables will have you bursting with energy as your health is improved.  Once health is improved, fat storing/fat burning hormones are back in balance you can be assured that you will lose weight just as you desire.

When you have tons of energy it is natural to want to be more active which in turn will help you lose weight in the quickest and healthiest manner possible. Think of it as a healing process from diet burnout. This is a transition period and it can only happen with you improving your exercise habits supported by a healthy eating plan.

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