Don’t Just Lose Weight – Focus On Resetting Your Metabolism So Your Body Becomes Fat Resistant


A true fat loss solution is NOT just about losing weight. It is about making sure your metabolic motor (your metabolism) is running smoothly so you do not have to become a yo-yo dieter on a never ending merry-go-round of weight loss/gain.

You’ve seen those athletes with their firm tight bodies that ooze energy and vitality. They have a very different metabolism from the average person which responds very differently to food and exercise than the average unfit person. Their metabolism has a lot of forward momentum towards staying lean, strong and vital. It is fat resistant.

So, for you to lose weight is only one half of the equation. If you do not change your metabolism right down at base level you will continue to gain weight and as the years pass by this situation will only get worse. Then not only are your looks spoiled and you do not feel as good as you should about yourself, your health is also at risk as becoming overweight increases the risk of all disease.

Your muscles are the engine of your metabolism

The biggest impact you can make on resetting and boosting your metabolism so it can burn more fuel around the clock is a proper program of strength training exercise. It is vital in cases of a slowed metabolism as it may be that way if you have not being doing enough muscle building and maintaining activity. This is the stimulus to keep the muscle tissue you have and begin the rebuild process of adding new muscle tissue as this is the engine that drives your metabolism.

Without strength training exercise the repair process for the metabolism will be a very long difficult process if it is achieved at all. Old fashioned diet programs that promise to help you get rid of excess fat weight make it harder for you in the long run because they use harsh metabolism-slowing restrictive food diets and not enough proper exercise (almost never any strength training).

Rev up your metabolism

The goal is to get your metabolism boosted and keeping it going so your body becomes fat resistant just like those athletes that we admire so much. This cannot be done by cutting calories too much, the wrong type of exercise, or infrequent sporadic exercise.

It needs regular strengthening metabolism boosting exercise supported by a metabolism stimulating natural ‘whole’ food healthy eating plan and these two things need to be done consistently. Nothing will undermine your re-building efforts like inconsistency. If you stop and start, skip meals and miss workouts in a yo-yo fashion you will never even get off the ground.

But put the effort in and you will be rewarded not only with losing that fat that you want to ditch but your body will be primed to resist becoming over-fat again. Imagine the joy of not having to every worry about your weight again. Hang on to the prize not the price.

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