How You Can Increase Your Metabolism


We envy people with fast metabolisms. You know those people that stay slim despite eating whatever they want? It is because they have a faster metabolic rate than most of us and they burn more fuel (calories) not only when they are being active but when they are sitting at their desks or resting on the couch.

If you have become overweight if might be because you have not been blessed with a naturally high metabolic rate, but don’t worry there is plenty you can do to increase your metabolism.

Increase your metabolism with exercise

As the amount of toned muscle tissue is the biggest factor in the speed of your metabolic motor proper strengthening exercise is the single most effective way to increase your metabolism. Toned muscle tissue is highly active and requires a high amount of calories to maintain.

Even a small increase in muscle tone has incredible muscle-boosting effects. In fact you can literally strength train yourself slim again just by working your muscles directly with proper strength training exercise just 2-3 times each week. Of course you would need to put some effort into each session if you wish to boost your metabolism, it will not come from little pink weights and low intensity (degree of effort).

Cardio will not increase your metabolism much

We used to believe that cardio activities like jogging, walking or cycling burn lots of calories and they do burn some when you are doing them. But you might be surprised at how little they do burn and these types of activity have little to no after-burn effects and that is what you need to increase your metabolism and to lose excess fat weight.

The modern way to lose excess body fat is to burn more calories than you eat each day. The old fashioned way was to eat less calories than you burn each day. Well 40 years later we know this does not work.  When you slash calories the human body goes into lock-down mode when millions of years of evolutionary adaption kick in and  hold on to every scrap of fat thinking it is about to starve. It slows the metabolism which is the exact opposite of what we need to lose fat and that is we need to increase your metabolism.

The other important factor when you are looking to increase your metabolism is to eat small protein rich meals every 2-4 hours throughout the day. These small meals will stop you becoming too hungry and help you stay on a healthy eating plan and you will also have a double banger approach to help increase your metabolism and lose at the fat weight you want.


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