Rebuild Lost Muscle Tissue And Watch Weight Loss Happen


It is easy to focus on just one thing if you have become overweight – losing that excess body fat. Most people automatically start some sort of diet thinking that it is the solution to their weight loss worries. Yet a diet fails to address the root cause of why most people become overweight in the first place and this is the reason why 95 percent of diets fail to fix the problem.

Weight loss is a long term problem

Becoming overweight is a long term problem so a long term solution is needed and it has little to do with food restriction, low fat, low carbohydrates or low calories. In fact following these types of unbalanced eating regimes will likely make the problem worse as they do more damage to your metabolism (your body’s engine) making weight loss harder.

Not eating enough food slows the metabolism and triggers your body to store more fat so every time you go on some sort of fad weight loss diet you are making your body better at storing fat. No matter how many times you go on and off diets you will not be solving the problem of why your body has become overweight in the first place.

A healthy metabolism is needed for weight loss

The eating side of weight loss is only half the equation. You need to fix your metabolism so it is fat resistant so you are not stuck in the fat storing mode which will make losing weight near impossible and weight gain an ongoing problem. You need to make the changes right down at base level of your metabolism so you can achieve weight loss and be free of the burden – physically, mentally and emotionally of being overweight.

The way forward is to reset your metabolism making it fat resistant and this is done with the right combination of muscle strengthening exercise and metabolism boosting eating – NOT just a diet. And these two things need to be done consistently over time to achieve weight loss.

There also needs to be an understanding that there will be a rebuilding and healing process as well before  metabolic fitness is improved. Hormones, bio-chemicals and blood sugar levels needs to be rebalanced before body fat can be lost. Weight loss may not happen until health is restored so your attitude needs to change from one of losing weight to rebuilding your metabolic health.

What is needed to be achieved is to get your body burning more fuel (calories) every minute of the day and night so you burn more than you eat each day. This is the best way to ensure weight loss. This is the opposite of the diet mentality where you eat less than you burn each day. And as we know this does not work – never has and never will as it works against the human body.

When you rebuild lost muscle and tone up what is still there it can boost fat burning capacity by 15-25 percent which can mean an ongoing weight loss of a half pound or so of body fat each week. Think ahead to 12 months down the track and a loss of 25 pounds of body fat – how good will this be?

Once you make your body fat resistant you will finally have achieved weight loss and have the freedom of not having to worry about ongoing weight gain. So, get started, think healthy and start the journey back to that slim trim body that is waiting to show itself.

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