The Best Weight Loss Solution Is The Health Of Our Metabolism


Most of us are aware that our metabolism which is our body’s engine has a lot to do with whether we are slim and trim or overweight. Some of us have been blessed with a fast metabolic motor, but for the rest of us we can only wish that we could burn more calories than we burn each day.

It is after all the health and condition of our metabolism that determines how fat or fit we are in the overall scheme of things. Even the most dedicated weight loss attempts can be hampered by a slow metabolism.

We used to believe that it was just the passing years that slowed the metabolism and the rate we burn fuel (calories) but now we know that it is our lifestyle and the things we do and don’t do each day that have the greatest impact on our metabolism. This applies mainly to how and what we eat and what type of exercise we do or don’t do although other factors can also influence metabolism like sleep and stress.

Modern fat loss programs are based on the premise of increasing the metabolism and restoring ‘metabolic fitness’ so that excess fat weight can be lost. To achieve this virtually the opposite of what we used to do for weight loss needs to be done. For example instead of hours on long duration, low intensity exercise in a mythical ‘fat burning zone’ we use proper muscle toning exercise.

Cardio type activity does not increase the metabolic rate and only burns calories while it is being performed. We are now concerned with what happens after the exercise session is over not only what happens during it. What we are trying to achieve with exercise is an increase in the metabolic rate every minute of the day and night (even while we are sleeping) and this is where you get your fat loss from – that increased fuel burning that whittles away into your stored body fat.

Strength training exercise will boost metabolism

Cardio type activity cannot do this, so a proper strength training exercise program is the ticket performed 2-3 times each week. If done correctly (with some effort and intensity) not much is needed, unlike cardio activity that you can do forever but burns only a few calories at the time and none afterwards.

The other factor in boosting your metabolism is the use of food to help balance fat burning/fat storing hormones and the old restrictive slashing of calories is once again the opposite of what you need to do to achieve this state. We now know that this type of diet slows the metabolism where we want to increase it.

The fat loss solution is in the muscles but you need to get them back up and toned as weak flabby muscles from not doing enough strengthening exercise will allow you to become overweight as there end up with very low energy requirements. The first step back to a slimmer you is to get them working for you again burning up excess body fat.

To do this first we ditch as much of the processed ‘so called’ foods and replace them with natural whole foods that you cook from scratch. Yes, you will need to get yourself back into the kitchen if you wish to lose weight, but there really is no other way. You need to prepare and cook small meals each with a source of protein and the balance vegetables. 

Weight loss is all about the metabolism

The main goal of this type of program that is based around proper exercise and healthy eating is to get you losing weight in the fastest and easiest possible way. Your body will run on auto-pilot if you follow these methods and you will not only lose the weight – you will keep it off permanently.

You will see that all this is a far cry from our old fashioned harsh dieting and ineffective exercise regimes that we have followed like lemmings for the last 40 odd years. But things have changed and if you have excess fat to lose hop on the bandwagon, increase your metabolism the right way and reclaim your strong, lean, slim healthy body.

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