Don’t Start Another Diet – Start A New Active Life


So, you have become overweight and wish to lose a few pounds and are contemplating making some changes to your lifestyle? Those changes can mean going on some sort of diet and unfortunately this is where the trouble starts.

For most people to lose weight a diet is the first thing they turn to and there is no shortage of them around. It is something you do to get the weight off then you go back to normal and can then eat all the foods and the amounts of them you are denying yourself now.

After all, when you choose to go on a diet you only expect to be on it until the weight is off and any basic reduced calorie diet plan you follow can work. The real trouble is that it is only a short-term solution. But, did I hear you say you not only want to lose weight you want to keep it off as well?

If you want long term fat loss a diet is not going to cut it

This is a whole different story then and a diet is not the solution. After all this is why 95 percent of them do not work as a long term solution. They do not work because if you reduce calories too much you will trigger the ‘starvation mode’ which is an ancient protective mechanism that has kept us alive in severe food shortages through the ages.

For most of us we do not know at which point this diet shock kicks in. But when, not if it does the metabolism (the body’s engine) is slowed, energy levels are reduced and the appetite control hormones are switched on to get you to go and search for food. These hormones will defeat even the most avid dieter as the intense food cravings will have you in the kitchen seeking food and you won’t be able to stop yourself.

So, you have not only fallen off the diet AGAIN, but you are now piling on the fat as your body panics and starts storing plenty in case you do something crazy like go on another diet any time soon. This is the cycle of yo-yo weight loss/gain that can go on for years and causes endless frustration and despair.

The much better way to lose weight is to increase the rate your body burns fuel rather than reduce the amount of food you eat to match your slower than it should be metabolism. The first place to start is to improve the health of your muscles.

Yes, this is the root cause of the epidemic of overweight people around the world. We no longer get enough muscular exertion and our muscles become weak and flabby and burn less fuel (calories) than they should be and bingo –we get fat.

The amount of toned muscle on our body determines our ‘metabolic fitness’ and the only way to tone them back up and get them healthy again is 2-3 sessions each week of a proper strength training program. Our muscles have to go through their ranges of movement under a load so don’t waste your time with long duration low intensity activity as that will do nothing to improve their condition.

A diet does not increase your body strength

You need to regain your body strength so you need to put some effort into your exercise sessions. If you have been used to not exercising or doing low intensity activities this is going to be something you will need to learn how to do. If not you will need to get very used to not only being overweight but have your weight increase as the problem will only get worse with the passing years.

When you think of the damage being overweight does – it not only spoils your appearance adding years to the way you look and feel, it adds a dreadful burden to your life not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well. It also sets the stage for any one of dozens of nasty diseases that can cut your life short by decades.

So then, how hard is it to go to your local gym a couple of times each week and put back the missing exercise component that our modern lifestyles have removed? When you compare the alternative it is really easy to make the decision isn’t it?  Don’t even think of starting another diet – start a new active life.

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