Get Your Metabolism Humming To Lose The Weight You Want


You may have already heard that a mysterious thing ‘metabolism’ is the solution for losing excess body fat. Yes and it can be controlled and manipulated to a certain extent to work for you (rather than against you) and help you get your slim body back.

Metabolism refers to the rate at which one’s body burns fuel or calories throughout a given day. Amid the various things that manage it are your physical activity levels and the quantity and nature of the food you eat.  We can increase it to burn more fuel (calories) so we can lose or maintain our weight.

A slow metabolism is the cause of leading a sedentary lifestyle without enough physical movement.  Hence the body has minimal energy needs which cause it to store more calories as fat as it is not burning them up. This is the number one reason people are becoming increasingly overweight and going on to become obese.

 A boosted metabolism will get and keep you slim

In order to burn fat efficiently you need to increase your metabolism, which does mean a proper exercise program supported by improved nutrition. Your exercise program needs to be mostly made up of strength training exercise as your muscle tone needs to be restored and rebuilt.

If you have not been very active for some time it is likely that your muscles have become weak and flabby and are no longer burning as much fuel as they should be so getting them fired up again in the priority. If you are new to structured exercise your local gym or fitness center will help you get started.

By getting the assistance you need from a fitness professional you get a guarantee of getting the results you desire and will not end up wasting your valuable time attempting to figure it out for yourself. This is their job; you should learn how to exercise properly, safely and efficiently and your program also should be altered, every couple of weeks or you will not reap the benefits of continuous results.

Proper exercise and eating right combined will boost metabolism

Just 2-3 sessions of strength training exercise each week is all you need to do for it to speed up your metabolic rate and burn more fuel to help you get into better physical shape. Improve your eating to make your results happen faster. Eat a small meal every 2-3 hours throughout the day. You might end up eating 5-8 of these meals but this is what is going to speed up your metabolism as well as your body has to process this food and that takes energy.

It is very important that each of these small meals contain a source of protein as this makes the body work even harder which is what you want to kick it back into fat burning mode. If you have not been exercising and eating poor food choices you will have effectively slowed it down so we need to make some changes if you want to get your slim trim body back.

There really is no other option in the battle against the bulge; the faster you wrap your mind around the reality that you need to make these changes, the closer you will be to resolving the issue at hand – being overweight.

Remember your excess body fat is coming at a high cost to you .- it spoils your looks for starters and threatens your mental and emotional health as you cannot feel as good as you should about yourself. So ignore the price (your effort) and keep your eye firmly on the prize (a new slim you).

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