Want To Burn Fat Faster?


If you ask ten people what type of exercise they should be doing to burn fat and increase their metabolism they will probably all tell you the same thing. They will tell you that some sort of ‘cardio’ type activity is needed in some magical ‘fat burning’ zone.

They will probably also tell you to burn fat that more is better….four or more times each week would be better than two or three times per week.

Are you still using old exercise methods to burn fat?

People believe this because that is the way it has been and continues to be the mainstream recommendation to burn fat by many fitness people. They tell you to get into a certain target heart rate and stay there for twenty or more minutes several times each week. But we now know through science and research that there is better fat burning ways.

Sure, you will burn fat and some calories while you are jogging or walking on a treadmill to nowhere, but you will never get a complete physique transformation or any meaningful fat loss with this type of exercise alone. In fact, doing too much of this type of exercise can even work against you and be counterproductive to burn fat.

The reasons for this are that although low intensity, long duration activity does burn fat  for energy during the sessions and that does sound good, it can actually cause your body to create more body fat in reserve after the workout is over to have ready for your next workout. This is not so good is it?

Get with the right program to burn fat

A much better and more efficient way to rev up your metabolism and burn fat faster is to rebuild and re-tone lost muscle tissue with a proper strength training exercise program. This is what will give you life-changing results in a very short time frame. Get your body toned back up and strong and you will be able to burn fat at an accelerated rate every minute of the day and night.

As well as increasing your ability to burn fat you will be building lifelong health and fitness with an all over stronger more resilient better disease proofed body as a bonus.

And you don’t need to worry about your heart and lung fitness. When you put some effort into your strength training sessions it places intense demands on your body and will strengthen your heart and lungs like no other activity can.

The beauty of strength training exercise is that only a little is needed to get great results and burn fat. If you are a busy person you can do just 2-3 sessions each week and get three times the results in half the time of the old outdated methods that many people use today and waste time and effort doing for little benefit.

The reason for that is they are not boosting their metabolism which is what you need to do to burn fat day and night. Your strength training program is the only one that can do that and do it very well. You will be delighted with the results.

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