Work With Your Metabolism For Successful Weight Loss


For many overweight people weight loss is just another one of those things that they will get around to ‘one day’. They have made up their mind that it really is something they will eventually have to do but keep putting it off as it is often viewed as being ‘too hard’ or ‘too much work’. Many believe it as something going to take a large amount of work for a relatively small reward.

The huge amounts of ‘fad diets’ around at any given time are an inviting solution to weight loss worries….but guess what? Hardly any of they actually work. They have a failure rate of around 95 percent and do very little in the way of offering health benefits in comparison to what you actually have to put your body through.

These diets are part of the ‘quick fix’ mentality that is rife in our society and they are ruining people’s health. You see there is something underlying in your body that is responsible for the amount of body fat you have. It governs whether you are slim or fat.

You need a healthy strong metabolism for weight loss

It is called your metabolism which is your body’s engine and its health and condition determines how much of the food you eat gets stored as fat and how much is burnt for energy. And because this is not addressed in these ‘fad diets’ they fail because they cause the metabolism to slow down which means the diet works against it.

We need the opposite to happen and the method of weight loss must work to bolster the metabolism if long term weight loss is going to be achieved.  To cut a long story short it comes down to making your body believe that it has plenty of food to last it a long time and it does not need to store fat. So, therefore your body can burn up the calories from the food you eat instantly and not have to tuck some away for an impending food shortage.

Because your fat depots are emergency fuel the amount your body stores is directly related to how much food you eat and how much your body ‘thinks’ it should keep in its emergency supply depots. This means if you are on a ‘diet’ and cut your food intake back more than one or two hundred calories your body goes into a kind of ‘shock’ and automatically switches on the fat storing mechanism to protect itself.

You need to eat healthy for weight loss to happen

So, the focus should be on eating healthy (not processed) small meals every 2-3 hours throughout the day. A portion of protein at each meal is very important as this is the signal that ‘hunting’ is good and there is no threat of starvation. The body will release its fat stores when there is enough food around.

Your ‘fad diet’ does the opposite – triggering the starvation mode and putting the brakes on fat burning and slowing your metabolic motor to a crawl. You will lack energy and will not feel like being active – all the things needed for weight loss will now be working against you.

Rather than go down this dead-end road try the strategies that actually work for weight loss. This means along with your healthy eating plan, ditching the processed foods and cooking from scratch you need to introduce a proper strength training exercise program to re-tone and rebuild the driver of your metabolism – your muscles.

This approach works on the principal of burning more calories that you take in each day rather than trying to eat fewer calories than you burn which is what slows the metabolism. This is how you can fall into the ‘yo-yo dieting’ trap that has people losing weight then piling it back on again…and again in a vicious cycle.

Essentially, you need to look after your metabolism and keep it on your side if you are going to be successful at achieving that strong, lean, shapely, healthy body we all would love to live in. It starts and ends with a healthy eating plan and proper muscle toning exercise and consistency in both for successful weight loss.

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