What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Really?


There is a new modern way to lose weight that is gaining speed and momentum. With scientific research it is now understood that someone who has become overweight is likely to have suffered some metabolic damage and has poor ‘metabolic fitness’. When this condition is present there is an imbalance between fat burning/storing hormones, appetite regulation hormones and blood sugar levels which then make the body’s systems and processes not work as efficiently as they should be.

So, if you wish to lose weight having poor metabolic fitness is going to make the job very much harder and longer and it may never happen. Embarking on a diet of any kind to lose weight is not going to work as the hormones that are involved in fat burning need to be in balance first so the process of burning off the excess fat can be achieved.

You need to get healthy to lose weight

This is also why 95 percent of all diets fail to work. Money, time and effort is wasted on plans and programs that promise you will lose weight, and this is research based cold hard fact. You really need to get yourself healthy first to lose weight not the other way around as most people think.

The things that can damage the metabolism which is the body’s engine are eating the wrong types of foods, too much of them and not enough muscular exertion. These things will combine to slow the metabolism and allow more body fat to be stored over a period of time and it is very hard to shift it.

To begin the journey back and lose weight so that health is restored begins with getting the muscular system back toned and healthy again. This is right down deep at the root of most people’s overweight problem. Muscle cells are where glucose produced from the food you eat gets burned for energy. If the muscles have been allowed to become weak and flabby their energy requirements become much lower than they should be.

When fuel (calories) cannot be burned for energy it has no other option but to get stored as excess body fat. And you know what happens then – it spoils your looks, add years to the way you move and feel and sets the stage for serious disease somewhere down the track. So the goal to lose weight is a very good one but it has to be done right.

Your muscles are your very best friends to help you lose weight

Now, the only way to get your muscles rebuilt and re-toned is to start a proper strength training program. Just 2-3 sessions each week are needed but you will need to get your head around the fact that you will need to put some effort into each session. Muscles do need to be challenged if they are to get stronger and that is going to be your ticket to lose weight for the long haul.

Once you get your body burning more calories every minute of the day and night this alone will slowly but surely start chewing into the fat stores and this is how you will lose weight and restore your health. In just a few weeks you will see a difference, in a few months you will have made good progress and in 12 months and longer you will have pretty much reclaimed your slim trim body again. 

You can speed up the process but improving your eating at the same time. The very first place to start is to ditch as much processed food as possible. This means all those non-nutrient foods that come in boxes, packets, cans or out of the freezer. To replace them get yourself back into the kitchen and start cooking natural whole foods from scratch.

Trying to lose weight while still eating mainly processed foods will not work as the nasty chemicals in those types of foods throw the body’s hormones ‘out of whack’. But you can make improvements slowly over a period of time slowly removing these foods and replacing them with healthier unprocessed options.

You need to be eating 4-6 small meals each day each with a portion of protein. This has the effect of stimulating the metabolism as well so it will speed up the weight loss process. It will also help to heal your metabolism so it becomes more efficient at fat burning and this is what will get you to your goal quicker.

As you lose weight in this healthier way you will feel so good. More energy will make you want to be more active and in turn that will help you lose weight and it all gets easier as you get better at implementing the strategies that will continue to propel you forward.

Think of this journey as one that will restore your metabolism, achieve a healthier body composition (muscle/fat ratio) and help you obtain optimum health so every second you spend doing something towards it will speed your journey.

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